Star Wars Rumours – The Return of Ben Solo

While I try not to discuss star wars rumours on this blog (I prefer to keep things above-board), I have entertained the likelihood of the fandom-related speculation becoming something more than rumours in the past.

It looks like I’m doing it again with this post regarding recent rumours of Ben Solo’s return to the Star Wars universe.

My disclaimer is that I am 120 PER CENT behind the #bringbensoloback movement. But I’ll do my best to be as unbiased as possible for the sake of my readers 😄

First off, I know that these sources are unfounded and nothing official, as far as I am aware, has been reported about Ben Solo since the last film in the Skywalker saga released last year. While I try to keep my ears pinned to the ground for any news regarding the Star Wars universe, I filter out quite a lot of it and most of it is not worth posting about if I’m honest.

Mike Zeroh (some of you may have heard of his infamous YouTube channel) has been posting content about the resurrection of Ben Solo for months now. His latest clip, which I am sure got many Ben Solo fans talking, is below for anyone that wants to listen to his theories about Ben Solo returning.

I don’t know him that well, only from things I’ve read online and most of it has not been kind to him. That’s mostly because a lot of fans think he creates his videos on pure speculation and has no genuine sources of information to back them up. And that’s why I guess he doesn’t have as many followers as some more prolific Star Wars YT channels.

I do not subscribe to him. In fact, I don’t subscribe to many YT channels because I think they are only after one thing and that is to generate as many hits as possible to make money on their respective platform. While I have nothing against people wanting success, I have issues with how people get that success.

Anyway, moving on –  back to Ben Solo… so many media websites have speculated on how Ben Solo might return such as Nerdist. Their article was interesting. There was one section on what would happen to Ben Solo if they resurrected him, though. That made me scratch my head a little. George Lucas has confirmed it in interviews. If someone falls to the dark side (as Anakin did) that upon resurrection in the force, they will appear as they did before they fell to the dark side (which explains why the younger version of Anakin was used over the older, original version in Return of the Jedi).

That would mean that Ben Solo would reappear in the force (assuming he learned how to become a force ghost during his Jedi training) how he was before he turned to the dark side.

So what spurred me to write this post? Well, this announcement by GirlsWithSabers on Twitter posted this.:

They confirmed that they were not talking about the Mike Zeroh rumours, which means something else has surfaced. Since I don’t subscribe, I put out my “feelers” on Tumblr which is always a significant source for up-to-date Ben Solo information. We’ll see if anything legit comes back, but colour me intrigued for sure.

The facts of the situation, however bleak, remain unquestioned. Adam Driver has stated that while playing Ben Solo and Kylo Ren was “a highlight of his career” he aspires to other things. This tells me that even if they were thinking of bringing back Ben Solo, it would not be Adam Driver reprising the role. Which could mean it might be someone younger playing him as a padawan OR something different such as an animated version of him?

Ben Solo World Between Worlds

Whatever happens, I am still reserved that Ben Solo won’t be returning soon and if he does, it won’t be with Adam Driver. And that for me just kills the entire idea dead. I mean, Adam Driver IS Ben Solo and it would be like someone else playing Anakin Skywalker instead of Hayden Christensen. It would never be the same.

So I will always hope for the best, but I’m keeping my feet firmly rooted in reality. I’ll follow this post up with more should there be a meaningful update to post about.

Until then, blue butterflies and Ben Solo fanfiction will have to do for those fans that are missing him.

Stay safe, thanks for reading, and I’ll catch you in the next post!

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2 thoughts on “Star Wars Rumours – The Return of Ben Solo

  1. Hi Julie, I have done quite well and realised early on that these YT Star Wars news channels were a little bit, let’s say “clickbait”. Most of these sites will say “Big news of Ben Return!” and then in the next post (or maybe 2-3 vids later) the big news suddenly becomes “Big news, Ben NOT returning!”
    The chances of Ben returning are down to how much money the Mouse would make out of bringing him back or if it somehow achieves an agenda for them.
    And Anakin’s ghost was and always will be Sebastian Shaw!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey FT 🙂 Yeah, I know it’s so disappointing that this is the only thing important to most of those sites. I am genuinely interested in the topic as are a lot of star wars fans out there. Ben Solo was a great character – Kylo Ren was a great character so they know that there are a lot of fans interested in his story continuing. I know it most likely will never happen but they exploit the fanbase like that by using clickbait titles to gain followers. Mike Zeroh is the worst one. I don’t particularly like Star Wars Theory either but Mike Zeroh is by far and away the worst. His new theory is that Keanu Reeves will be the next dark side villain (not Revan) in the “new” star wars trilogy that is set to be made… yeah, right. And also, I am glad you liked the original Anakin 🙂 Even though I was brought up on the OT, I prefer Hayden as the Chosen One 🙂 Thanks for commenting, as always, your insights are appreciated 😀


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