Life on the Darkside – Personal Post

I’m not sure if anyone has ever wondered where I get my ideas for content for two different blogs which I update daily, but I will explain it, anyway. So trying to keep a blog updated daily can be a dire task. Often, you will think about ideas and eventually, those ideas will run out and you’ll be wondering what to write about.

I made two promises to myself during the lockdown in my country that I would first, never neglect my blog again and second, to write every day. And then I decided I would also create a movie blog with my partner because it had been staring me in the face for some time. I just didn’t realise. It didn’t even occur to me I could do that on my own blog and make it work. So far, so good.

But getting ideas for writing is an ongoing challenge that any writer must face whether that be in blog writing or any other form of writing. So you look for inspiration in any place you can find it. That’s what I try to do. I will scour the internet for ideas and I’ve signed up to multiple forums to ensure that if I can’t come up with something to write about, someone else probably will. There is no shame in taking someone else’s idea and making it your own. That is not the same as plagiarism, which is an absolute no-no. But there are no rules for taking an idea and running with it until you can hopefully make it something better. In my eyes, that’s ingenuity. Nobody will look down on you for being resourceful.


And not everything you write will be well-received. Some of my posts get hardly any reach, while others get quite a few comments. I have learned to take the good days with the not-so-good days and pat myself on the back for trying. Nobody will shine a light on you, you have to do that all by yourself – but you can make the journey a fun one, right?

Scheduling posts is a god-send. It really is. I never used to use the post scheduling function in WordPress, and now I use it daily. That’s because inspiration can’t be planned. If I get an idea, I go straight to my blog and create a draft with the words that best resemble the idea I have in my head. I have A LOT of drafts just sitting there waiting for me to either trash it completely or flesh out the beginnings of an idea into something better to post on the blog.

I have no excuse not to write every single day. I’ve also been thinking about doing regular social media posts about my experiences trying to grow my personal accounts. I’ve done this before and I actually really enjoyed writing those posts so I might go back to those articles for some inspiration.


What do you do to keep your blogs updated? Do you look for inspiration in other places like I do, or do you have an unconventional approach? Also, how do you feel about social media updates?

Let me know in the comments as I am keen to hear from my readers.

Stay safe out there, keep creating and hopefully, I’ll catch you in the comments!

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10 thoughts on “Life on the Darkside – Personal Post

  1. I find inspiration everywhere on good days. The bad days are less fun LOL.
    Writing definitely helps me monitor my emotions.
    Social media – I love and hate, but rarely contribute any more.
    Scheduling is a useful tool if your posts are not time related.

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    1. I like using the scheduler because I know that I don’t have to think about what is going to be posted the next day 🙂 Yeah, I have those bad days too which is why I decided to start scheduling my posts so I don’t avoid writing on the days when I feel bad and don’t want to write at all 🙂

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  2. Hi Julie, I used to post almost daily with a new design each time, but that was back when I used an online app to design sabers (provided by a custom saber manufacturing company). However that app, despite being 3D, was limited as the preview images were poor and I had to hand edit them afterwards. Luckily the app was updated which made it incompatible with my laptop – why was this lucky? Well it meant I had to swap and start using Blender (thanks to our friend Neil T above who helped me out).
    The swap to Blender meant I had WAY more creative flexibility but it also meant a little more work – but the results were worth it. As a result I now try and keep a weekly schedule but now and then something big will crop up as I see designs all over the place!

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    1. That’s awesome 🙂 It’s cool to see how people are creatively inspired. I enljoy hearing about creative stories like this one. I say keep up the good work, your saber models are amazing! 🙂

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      1. Thank you very much, and don’t worry I have around 6 or 7 hilts still to display and 3 more starships yet….and still I have more ideas rattling in my head, Stay safe.

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    1. I think I need to post every day because otherwise I start to stress and get anxious about everything. Writing helps me with so many things. I get that not everyone can write daily. Writing like anything else that requires creativity is a gift and should be a pleasure to do. Everyone has to create at their own pace 🙂 I don’t think you’re slow, you’re as fast as you need to be 😀

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