Magic Atmosphere in the Sky Photoshop Tutorial Review

It has been a wee while since I’ve actually sat down and worked through a more difficult tutorial than the Adobe beginner’s course and 30 Days of Photoshop. So I thought I’d do another one of these since it was time.

This tutorial is from the website Photoshop Tutorials and I’ve done a couple of tutorials from this site. Their tutorials are mostly consistent and easy to follow and this tutorial was no different apart from a few issues.

The tutorial offers the resources at the beginning which is awesome apart from the list missing several key components to create the final image. This is a pet-peeve of mine and I’ve had to stop working on several tutorials as a result of missing resources. So my final image looks very different to the tutor’s image as a result.

Here is what you’ll be making:

Milos Karanovic

If you are going to offer a tutorial online, please make sure you include links to every asset you use in your art. There is very little point of having a tutorial for someone to work through as a step-by-step guide unless you provide all the steps correctly.

So that was my major issue with this tutorial. The secondary minor issue was that there are so many layers in this tutorial and there is no advice on how to keep your layers grouped. I learned this technique from doing a lot of tutorials online and it’s just so much easier to manage your art when everything is grouped together in an orderly fashion. Of course, there is nothing stopping you from grouping your own layers and assets. But we should assume that anyone trying to learn these tutorials is a novice and therefore may not be aware of how to group their layers.

I also jumped a few steps because I didn’t want to add balloons into my image. But you can totally add them if you think they make a good addition to the overall look of your art. One of the most important things to remember when working through someone else’s tutorial is to add your own “flavour” to your art. Sometimes that means removing steps from the final image or even changing some of the steps as you go.

Final Summary:


COMPLETED PSD (if you need to check your work against the tutor’s)

Tutor: Milos Karanovic

Time: Give this one an hour if you’ve got that time and if not, you could probably do it in 30 minutes. Work at the pace that suits you best.

Level: Beginner to intermediate is my guess, it doesn’t actually say on the tutorial page. You need to be good with blending images, copying and pasting images into your scene and then transforming them, using adjustment layers, using layer masks and general photo manipulation knowledge. If you haven’t done a photo manipulation tutorial before, this might be a stretch for you.

There are 42 steps included in this tutorial to work through and no video provided.

Rating: The steps were fairly easy to follow but missing assets is really a biggie and impacts the overall experience as well as the look of the final image – 6/10

And my final image:

Made by Darkside Creative

Thanks for reading and please let me know how you get on if you decide to do any of the tutorials I’ve reviewed on my blog.

Stay safe out there, keep creating and I’ll catch you in tomorrow’s post

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