Personal Post – Technical Difficulties and WordPress

So yesterday was a bit of a nightmare! When I was just about to update my blog posts yesterday morning, I got this awful windows dialogue message saying that I had run out of hard drive space 😭😭

Tech details – skip if you’re not a techie!

You would think that someone like me that works in tech would be monitoring things like this. I mean, I had been just not very well. I already knew that I was getting low on HDD space but I kind of kept putting it off. Finally, I could do that no longer and I decided to clone my hard drive onto a brand new SSD which is amazing! Not only do I have a much faster hard drive but I also have A LOT more space (like a terabyte more!) But this was not without it’s hitches.

The first thing is that it took almost all day to clone my original drive! That was so frustrating. My partner had to help me reinstall it into the PC because for some reason, there was a problem with the MBR and it wasn’t booting correctly. He finally managed to fix it this morning which is why I am online now! I was really worried that I wouldn’t get my blogs updated on time because I had only scheduled posts for this blog and not for NowShowingNZ. And I made a promise to myself as a writer to write every day on both of my blogs and that is a promise I intend to keep.

To upgrade or not to upgrade?

I’ve been thinking about upgrading both of my most active blogs here on WordPress for some time now and I think I might take the plunge and do it. Since I spend so much of my time on both of these blogs, I figured I could upgrade them and really make them something special. I want to continue using WordPress as is but I do want to make changes to the overall look and feel of this blog.

I also want to start using the SEO tools that come with the upgrade. I’m already familiar with the SEO tools used on WordPress as I used them for my articles when writing articles on other blogs. And SEO is something I have been trying to make the time to work on for these blogs. But that’s a blog post for another time.

Do any of my readers have the business upgrade on their blogs? I’d be keen to know if you do and how you find it or if you could offer any insights, I would be very grateful!

Until tomorrow’s post, stay safe everyone, please wear a mask and keep creating!

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8 thoughts on “Personal Post – Technical Difficulties and WordPress

  1. Hi Julie. I am guessing you have Windows 10 yes? Well it is a piece of work….you may have read in my last post my I5 laptop had crashed and I thought it was fatal, well turns out it wasn’t. I was getting “Fan Error” messages and the laptop automatically shut down before I could access the BIOS or Windows Recovery Environment. I read up on a spare machine about fan errors and it sounded terminal. However I switched my I5 machine on once more to show Mrs Tyeth that it was broken and all of a sudden it booted up and started installing One Drive and the new version of Edge! MS had a “hissy fit” and basically shut my machine down until it could sneak One Drive and Edge onto it. I hadn’t opted for One Drive when I last re-installed cos I didn’t want MS storing heaven knows what of my data and Windows just doesn’t seem to work if it doesn’t have total control of your device…whether you want it or not.
    At this moment I don’t know whether to save for a Mac, a LINUX powered laptop which has recently launched or buy a new external drive and mess around backing up day in day out (I know I should have backed up before but didn’t have cash for a system to do it -but now I use some cloud storage.) I can’t help out with the SEO question but I have tweaked my site and moved the “Follow Me” buttons to be more prominent on my webpages thanks to your suggestion (I hadn’t realised how far down the sidebar it had slipped!)

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    1. Oh ggoooosh dont get me started on Windows lol this morning as we were getting ready for work, the stupid HDD decided it didn’t want to recognise the MBR on the cloned drive… grrrr I have had a guts full today lol so I connected the original drive, moved files around to make space again and we’re going to take another look at it tonight. I need to read up on why the MBR isn’t being recognised on the cloned drive… doesn’t make sense. As soon as we connected the original drive, it booted up correctly again lol … grumble grumble. Glad to hear I offered some good advice πŸ˜€ Hopefully you’ll get more followers πŸ™‚

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      1. I have been getting more traffic this weekend but it is because of a link someone created on to a Padme Amidala image I posted with one of my designs. Ironically the image is available on many other sites, they just chose mine to link to – but I’m getting traffic so hey ho!
        Windows also informed me my Master Boot Record and system files were corrupted and I tried to use the Command Prompt to scan and rebuild the MBR to no avail so I re-installed. Why it isn’t recognising the cloned drive I’m not sure but the likely reason might be Windows can’t find the drive location where Windows and the boot management is stored. (Usually this is on drive C or D…maybe your external drive has been assigned a drive letter properly.)
        Here’s to all of us having more luck with tech in future!

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  2. I have seen a couple of people upgrade and both had problems. I can also see why you would want to upgrade, I personally will stick with Free for anything non-commercial. I have several external HDD for most of my files. I have 5 W10 machines and 5 Linux mint, and a lot of tablets phones and a mac. I use 1 LOL

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    1. Lol… yeah that used to be me back in the day when I was reallllyyyyy into computers. I still am but I spend less of my spare time mucking around with them now. But this cloned drive issue is a pain in the butt lol

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  3. I’m currently on the Premium Plan but I have used the Business Plan before and to be honest I kind of hated it- I just felt it was not worth the amount and I did not like that you got so little ability to customise your blog even after paying that amount when you could get much more for a lower price if you self-host. I also hated that it removed your follow button which made dropped my number of followers I got per day. Just my personal experience though- some people absolutely love it!

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    1. Hmm, yeah I thought of self-hosting. I guess I’ll have a think about it πŸ™‚ I don’t have the time to spend on tech issues which is one reason why I like the premium plan because its so easy to manage. Thanks for your advice πŸ™‚ Much appreciated!

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