The Mandalorian Season Two Trailer Has Dropped!


It’s finally here everyone! AND IT’S ahhhhmmazing lol – as you can tell I’m super hyped for it (which is pretty normal) but it really is so cool. If you haven’t watched it yet PLEASE watch it right now and I’ll even help you out:

Via Nerdist

And now everyone is going to have so many questions of course – such as who was the mysterious person standing in a black cloak watching Djin and the Child? Are they one of the mysterious “sorcerers” that Djin mentioned? Could they be a Jedi? Could they be a Dark Sider?

And what about the Stormtroopers, THE X-WINGS!! Oh my gosh its so exciting!!

One of the most exciting things about The Mandalorian is how far he has to travel to return The Child to its own kind – that is going to be a wonderful part of Djin’s story. And we are going to see so many different walks of life from Star Wars as a result – it’s going to be EPIC!

Please watch the trailer so we can chin-wag about it all in the comments!

And remember, my friends that “This is the way”…

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