Motion Art Update

Some of you may be wondering why I haven’t been uploading motion art lately. There’s no particular reason really, I have just switched my focus to writing more than creating Star Wars art. I have two other blogs that I maintain regularly so that takes up a fair bit of my spare time now. But I have been making motion art which I’m uploading today for everyone to check out.

Nothing fancy, just a few images from Star Wars Battlefront II –

Hello, there

Remember this image I made using this Photoshop tutorial? I decided to animate it and thought it looked pretty nice 🙂

Made by Darkside Creative

And an animation request I received on Pinterest to animate this Grim Reaper image (although it doesn’t really look like a Grim Reaper to me – more like a Death Knight or even a Nazgul as he is holding a sword)

Animated by Darkside Creative

There are a few more pieces but I’ll upload those at a later date. For now, enjoy the art and let me know what you think in the comments!

Stay safe out there everyone and I’ll catch you in tomorrow’s Pick Me Up Friday’s Post!

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5 thoughts on “Motion Art Update

  1. Hello Julie, in one of my earlier attempts at graphic art I did create a Darth Maul image for a friend who wanted a holographic picture of Maul. I used the “three layer VHS video effect” where you make two duplicate layers and colourise one layer cyan and the other red then offset each layer a few pixels horizontally left and right. You then alter the transparency level for the red and blue layers. The finished image looks a bit like this:

    I have also create a banner in GIF format that has a flickering lightsaber blade. That image has a background made from multiple layers of Fractal Patterns arranged to look like crystals.

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    1. That looks pretty good FT – I think you can achieve something close to that effect using photoshop actions which makes it a lot easier. But I enjoy creating things myself because that’s half the fun 🙂 Nice work – you just gave me a really good idea for a monthly blog post 😀

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    2. So FT let me know if it’s okay to use that image of Darth Maul in my post because I want to showcase star wars art from my community of readers 🙂 If you’d rather not that’s perfectly fine also 😀

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      1. Hello there, I have no objections to you using the picture. I just thought you might like to see the image. It was fun doing the blending to get the layers right, and as a youngling of the 80’s I remember old VHS videotapes “ghosting” like this.

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      2. Great stuff! Thank You 🙂 And yes, these days I think they refer to this effect as glitching lol not sure if I like that word but the effect is great on images and edits 🙂


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