Star Wars Trivia – Did You Know #1

I’m trying to find the “little known” star wars trivia facts that people will actually enjoy instead of memes. I am not really a meme person on social media but I know some people love them. The funny ones are pretty cool but I prefer the more serious stuff on my feed.

And of course, educate myself along the way because you can never have enough star wars!

What was the original name of the first Star Wars movie when it went into production?

Adventures of Luke Starkiller, As Taken From the Journal of the Whills, Saga 1: The Star Wars


I didn’t know it was called that originally but I did know that the word Starkiller was in there somewhere.

And here’s an image from Peter Mayhew’s (R.I.P) twitter page revealing the original script:


Let me know if you knew this one in the comments. If you’ve got any other trivia questions for my post, just hit me up!

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9 thoughts on “Star Wars Trivia – Did You Know #1

  1. Hi Julie, yes I had seen these pictures of the “original” script and it’s title. There were a lot of changes and tweaks made to it (at times it seemed the script was written on water as it changed and flowed different directions). If I remember it correctly it was stated that Han Solo was originally going to be a green skinned, reptilian like alien and Lucas had envisaged the character to be portrayed by….Marlon Brando!
    Another fun fact relating to the great giant Peter Chewbacca Mayhew, the studio execs were a little bit how can I say “prudish” about the Chewbacca image. When they saw Ralph McQuarrie’s concept picture of a Wookie they tried to insist that the character wore cargo shorts or some sort of loin cloth for fear of audiences thinking Chewie was naked!
    Funny thing is I have just posted a new design based on Zeb Orellius of Star Wars Rebels and he was designed based off of the very same images McQuarrie created for Chewie!

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