Luke Skywalker and Snow Speeder – The Black Series 02

Today I went out and spent about $300.00 NZD on Star Wars figurines. There is a new line of The Black Series figures recently released in New Zealand and well, I fell in love with them when I saw them!

I haven’t bought any star wars related anything for some time, not since I got the Blu-ray disks back in June. That is actually a really long time for me not to buy star wars collectables 😅 I am kind of addicted to collectables it seems. But in a good way I think (lol) and I have a weird thing where I never open any of the figurine collectables that I buy. I just like to see them brand new and preserved in their original packaging.

Speaking of packaging, here is one of the figures I bought today and the art on the packaging is so beautiful:

So I made an edit out of the art which I took a photo of first on my phone and then worked on it in photoshop:

Edit by Darkside Creative
Edit by Darkside Creative

I have others that I’ll blog about when I get more time to edit them in Photoshop but I like these images a lot – the art is really pretty!

Have a collectable you want to see featured on my blog? Let me know in the comments friends.

Stay safe out there and I’ll catch you tomorrow!

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10 thoughts on “Luke Skywalker and Snow Speeder – The Black Series 02

  1. I have several Dalek models, nothing expensive mainly second hand buys. I wish I had kept my original Star Wars figures, they all got broken or thrown away as I grew older.

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    1. If you had kept them, they’d probably be worth something now. I think I remember Imperial Talker saying he kept some of his since his childhood 🙂 I never had any star wars toys growing up, I had barbie dolls I dismembered lol. So my parents stopped buying me toys and I just played with all my brother’s toys and he had trucks and LEGO and other things I can’t remember. But I don’t remember star wars….


      1. Ah yeah, I tend to be more of a “spur of the moment” person unless it’s things lilke books or Blu-rays – those things I will tend to preorder. But I kinda stopped collecting figurines and pop vinyls because we have absolutely no room in our little apartment lol my partner keeps telling me and I am like “just one more pleeeeaassse” lol I am terrible 😛

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      2. Same here. My small apartment was starting to look like a museum or storage facility lol. It’s why I mainly collect paperwork items nowadays as they’re easy to store 🙂 Would love to have a bigger space to display all my collectables. Sigh – one day!!

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