The Star Wars Fandom – Check Out This Amazing Din Djarin Cosplay!

I am not a Cosplayer myself, but dude… this is amazing and worth the blog post!

Via Reddit

The Cosplayer has their own Instagram account as well which you can check out right here and their Reddit profile is here.

It’s amazing how dedicated some fans are to their respective fandoms and honestly, this looked like it would have taken a year to put together – it looks so real, right?

Attention to detail is of utmost importance to a Cosplayer because the fans will know if you get something wrong and they won’t be afraid to tell you! What did you think of this Cosplay? Amazing or do you have something to point out about their costume? Have you ever done cosplay yourself or know of any cool Star Wars cosplayers I should check out?

Let me know in the comments friends, and as always, keep safe out there and I’ll catch you in tomorrow’s post!

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8 thoughts on “The Star Wars Fandom – Check Out This Amazing Din Djarin Cosplay!

  1. Hi Julie, now I haven’t seen The Mandalorian yet but have met a few in my time and this Din Djarin looks pretty legit. I’ll check his(?) pages after I finish commenting here but I thought you might like to hear about some great cosplayers I know. There is a group in the UK known as “The Sentinel Squad UK” and they are primarily an Imperial trooping group that does charity work and con appearances…they also have a few other characters too though including a Princess, Jawas, Edrio “Two” Tubes from Rogue One and a Bossk! Now Bossk (and Edrio) is a guy I met on a forum I use and he made his costumes entirely from scratch and is known as “the UK Bossk” so good is his outfit. He has met Alan Harris the real life actor that played Bossk on many occaissions. Anyhoo the Sentinels visited my local Sci-Fi Fest a few years ago and I got a few pictures…

    And if you would like to see a few more pics you can find them in my post here:

    Finally you may have read that I am building my own cosplay right now. I’ll hopefully be able to get it finished ready for when this Covid craziness ends and the Conventions start up again!
    Thanks and stay safe….this is the way!

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    1. aHHHH that is amazzzzinggg! I will definitely add this to my next fandom post! Wonderful content and yay, I am so delighted to share these fandom experiences with everyone – thank you for linking me to your content. As soon as I get it online I’ll let you know 😀 And I cannot wait to see your COSPLAY OMG so exciting 😀

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      1. Hi there, well I can’t promise anything as impressive as these talented guys have built but I know my boots will be legit! (They are custom) I am having trouble finding quality belt pouches and Jedi belt as the one that came with my tunic isn’t up to scratch (it’s pleather – plastic) I might send you an email with a WIP image I have (it shows me in the costume so far and a friend who visited to help me!)

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      2. Sweet as, I won’t publish anything unless you give your permission to do so 🙂 And no worries at all, no pressure or anything like that, whatever you do I am sure it’ll be great 😀

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      3. Is it ok to email via your contact page and does it accept attachments? (yes I know Jedi aren’t allowed attachments 😁) If so I’ll drop the pictures to you that way.

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