Star Wars Trivia – Did You Know? #2

Today’s trivia question is a little harder because well, a lot of my readers know more about Star Wars than I do! So I think it’s time to throw out the tougher questions (try not to use Google if you can):

Early story drafts for what would become The Empire Strikes back would have changed this character into the first clone we saw in the Star Wars films. Who was it?


I had no idea of the answer to this but when I found out I clicked pretty quickly. It’s not something that is immediately apparent when you see the scene in question and it kind of blew my mind but in a good way. It also makes total sense as well for the storyline.

And the answer is:

The clone was originally Lando Kadar but we know him as Lando Calrissian. His actual name is in fact Baron Landonis Balthazar “Lando” Calrissian III. Lando was originally written in early drafts of The Empire Strikes Back as a refugee from the clone wars

SourcE 1 sOURCE 2

Let me know if you knew this one in the comments. If you’ve got any other trivia questions for my post, just hit me up!

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