Star Wars: The Old Republic Era – Who is Darth Malgus?

You may have heard of Darth Malgus – given name Veradun who was a very powerful Sith lord during the Old Republic time line. I have posted about him before because he was one of the most skilled and formidable Sith warriors to exist at the time and was a successful warlord who lead countless missions against the Galactic Republic.

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Something quite scary about Darth Malgus is that he stood almost seven feet tall in his armour. That would have been a scary sight on a battlefield that much I’ll say.

One also interesting thing about Darth Malgus’ story is his relationship with a Twi’lek Slave named Eleena Daru. Proof that even as a Sith, love was still something they felt and explored with other beings. Which again is a little tricky to explain in a character that lives for killing. But there you go.

Darth Malgus also made formidable enemies during his time as a Sith lord including Jedi Satele Shan who left Malgus permanently injured as a result. He began to wear his respirator at about this time and was lucky to have survived the attack, even with his knowledge of the dark side of the force.

There is a lot of information about Darth Malgus and the Fandom article on him is extremely in-depth. If you want to know more just head on over to this website.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check back for more exciting posts on The Old Republic era. Stay safe out there and I’ll catch you in the next post!

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