The Meaning of Star Wars From George Lucas

I saw this tweet on Phil Szostak’s twitter feed and it’s a very important message delivered by Lucas himself back in 2005:

“Don’t let [#StarWars] take over your lives… The point of the movie is to *get on* with your lives, to take that challenge. To leave your uncle’s moisture farm, go out into the world, change it and save the universe.” – George Lucas, @SW_Celebration III, 2005

I think it’s so easy to forget why George Lucas made Star Wars in the first place. I sometimes forget about the real world when I watch Star Wars films or I am writing about something relating to Star Wars. But George knew exactly what he was doing when he created these characters. He wanted them to be a long-lasting and positive influence on the world.

Some people do take things way too seriously which is when you kind of have to step back and be like “okay, this isn’t positive”. Especially those people online who take Star Wars to the extreme making death threats against the actors who portray fictional characters in the Star Wars universe. That isn’t what Star Wars is about and it surely isn’t what George Lucas created.

Thanks for reading, stay safe out there my friends and I’ll catch you tomorrow!

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3 thoughts on “The Meaning of Star Wars From George Lucas

    1. Yeah, I dunno what some of those fans are thinking. I am definitely one of those star wars fans that thinks “all star wars is good star wars” – I mean I have a point where I question things and I like to speculate but to me, that’s all part of being a fan. You can disagree without being aggressive about it or rude or mean. And now everyone has a voice on social media, people become very obsessive about their points of view on a topic. Some go way overboard and it’s really sad to see 😦


  1. Hi Julie and Neil, I have probably done two “reaction” posts/reviews of the sequel movies and I intentionally left the review vague and said folks should watch it and decide for themselves. About the furthest I ventured to either endorse or dismiss the films was to say whether I enjoyed the films or not as a way of “spending two hours forgetting the rent” <Thanks Michael Winslow for the analogy. The way some "fans" reacted was unnecessary.

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