Welcome to All My New Readers!

I haven’t done a new readers post in some time and I have slowly amassed quite a few newcomers to my humble little blog so I’d like to officially say “Hi there!” and thank you so much for following me.

I do have three blogs that I spend my time on every day – this blog is purely for creativity and Star Wars. Sometimes I feature posts on other topics but not very often. I do also have a blog dedicated to film and popular culture (but mostly film these days) where I also do a podcast with my partner. We love our little podcast and our site so if you’re into film, you can check out that blog here.

And lastly my writing blog where I focus purely on my writing, the writing process itself, freelancing, books and book reviews and everything in-between for writers. If writing is your primary focus, please check out my blog here.

So I didn’t just post this to plug my other blogs (honestly!) I do notice people following my main profile which is attached to this blog and they may not want to follow this particular blog since I do have three very different blogs. I appreciate you no matter what blog you follow and do drop me a line in the comments about your blog so I can follow back!

I hope you are all staying safe out there, looking after one another and continuing to be creative, happy and focused! Thank you all again for your readership, it is every bit appreciated!

Have a magnificent day, everyone!

You can find star wars posts here, art posts here, and you can follow me on Twitter, or Instagram.

Thanks for your support!

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