Who Do You Want to See in the Kenobi Series?

Actor Ewan McGregor has confirmed that filming for the new Disney Plus Kenobi series starts early next year. So of course the fandom has been buzzing about which characters from that particular Star Wars time line might or could return?

The two biggest “rumours” to do the rounds on social media thus far are Darth Maul returning (not sure if they mean Ray Park in the role or someone else) and Darth Vader played by Hayden Christensen. At the time of writing, neither one of these rumours have been substantiated by anyone of merit. They are simply rumours and no more.

Via Twitter

There is only one article I have any faith in about the Hayden Christensen rumour and that’s this one from Screen Rant (who do point out that it’s rumoured and not confirmed).

This particular quote from the article got me thinking about how they could fit the backstory of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker into the narrative for the TV show:

Many viewers would enjoy Christensen and Ewan McGregor reunited, displaying the strong, natural chemistry of long time friends. If handled properly, it would make Anakin’s turn to the dark side all the more tragic.

– Screen Rant

As for Darth Maul’s return, I can totally see that happening as well for many reasons. Both of these characters are extremely popular in the Star Wars fandom and it would be an absolute no-brainer for Disney to involve them both even if they are only shown in flashbacks.

Personally, I am totally over the moon at the thought of these two characters returning to a live action movie as they are both two of my favourites.

What do you think about these rumours? Could you see any of these rumours coming true? Let me know in the comments, friends!

Stay safe out there and I’ll catch you tomorrow or in the comments.

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15 thoughts on “Who Do You Want to See in the Kenobi Series?

  1. Hi Julie, I’ve been wondering why I’ve been getting tons of emails in my inbox with a big pair of mouse ears attached….it’s Disney…they want to hire me as Qui-Gon’s ghostπŸ˜‰. I should have the full costume soon as I have just ordered a nice new robe to go with my boots and tunic set.
    So basically, I’d like to see Liam Neeson reprise his role as Jinn – and he could tutor Kenobi as a ghost (even if just a voice) while Ben is on Tatooine.

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    1. Interesting thought – never really thought of Jinn, to be honest only because people are talking a lot about Vader and Maul. So I guess those two characters seem to the be the most likely from a fan perspective. But yeah, I liked Jinn and I could totally see him as a flashback for Ben πŸ™‚

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      1. Hi Julie, I think Maul is leading contender due to their clash on Tatooine, but as we know the outcome of that duel and unfortunate circumstances surrounding Ray Park I don’t know if a Maul appearance will happen.
        And to be honest I was just phishing to see if I could get an acting job!

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      2. Hi there, apparently his partner and a friend were having an affair and Ray’s social media account was “hackked” and an explicit video was posted. That is as afar as I can tell, it was a murky story that I didn’t want to read too much about.
        And on a side note, does this comment sound different? Because I am posting it using Linux….I have ditched Windows!

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      3. Oh my gosh I didn’t know anything about that 😦 that’s awful! Geez I hope he recovers from it 😦 And nah it looks exactly the same lol what OS are you using? Are you command line or GUI?

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      4. I have gone for Linux Mint Cinamon (Ulyana). I have only been using it for just over an hour…but my hard drive is almost silent (under Windows it was whirring and grinding all the time). And even better, due to the Live Boot preview function I was able to access the hard drive and save my recent files to USB sticks and store them on a borrowed laptop so I can restore them later!

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      5. It is practically a clone of Windows! It has a desktop GUI and even has four configurable Workspaces so I can have one workspace set up with GIMP and Blender open, then in workspace two I can have the web browser open, in number three I could have LibreOffice open and I use LibreOffice a lot and came bundled with Mint! There is a “Terminal” command line function if ever I need it.

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      6. I have a feeling it will come in very useful and make workflow much more slick. I did the whole install and update in less than a n hour). Anyhoo I will have to give you a verdict on the OS after I’ve played with it a while.

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  2. As a huge Obi-Wan fan, I’d be content to watch him meditate in the desert for 8 whole shows, lol. But really, I’d love to see Qui Gon (or just hear him), and would be thrilled to see Anakin in flashbacks or something. Basically, anything they give us will be a gift and I’m sure I’ll love it!

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    1. I totally agree πŸ™‚ I am all for anything they do for the show at this point and I am beyond excited πŸ˜€ Thanks for commenting πŸ™‚ I hope you are well and safe πŸ™‚

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