The Closest Thing to a Real Lightsaber? You Be the Judge!

A work mate of mine knew I’d appreciate this video clip and when I first saw it I was totally sold! You have to check this out to believe it:

Via YouTube

Now it’s not exactly like the lightsabers we see being used in the Star Wars universe. For starters, it comes attached to a propane gas tank which well, could be a little cumbersome if you’re a Jedi fighting someone like Darth Maul. But the idea behind this lightsaber is pretty close to how an actual plasma lightsaber would function.

I’ve never actually seen something this close to a real lightsaber before but the internet is a big place. If you know of anyone else that has done something like this, please let me know in the comments and I’ll feature it on my blog!

Thanks for reading, friends! Stay safe out there and I’ll catch you tomorrow or in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “The Closest Thing to a Real Lightsaber? You Be the Judge!

  1. Hi Julie, yes this clip has been floating around the saber community forums for a week or so now. Unfortunately just as most topics on Star Wars the opinion on it is divided, Some think it;s really cool (or rather hot) whilsr the rest dismiss it as a glorified blow torch. I do like the tech and effort that went into constructing it but I wouldn’t want to be the guy having to keep pouring the various chemicals into the beam to make it change colour!

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