Star Wars Rumour: The Force Unleashed III Could Be in Development!

According to Games Radar (and multiple other websites) the popular Star Wars The Force Unleashed video game could be getting a third instalment. Just to reiterate, this is nothing more than pure speculation at this point – I’ve looked online and couldn’t find it trending anywhere nor was Sam Witwer mentioning it at all on his twitter page.

So that kind of gives me the impression this is just a rumour and there is no actual smoke with this fire 😅 and as is the case with all Star Wars rumours, unless it’s attached with “LucasArts” or “Disney” it’s a rumour, period.

However, should the rumour be legit, it would be a very exciting prospect since The Force Unleashed game plot was actually really interesting. I did play the first game a lot when it first came out and I loved it. But by the time the second game released I was already doing other things. I know my partner will be keen to play it should it ever happen.

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The third instalment of this game was due to be released in 2013. But Disney decided to scrap the entire project:

Despite this, on April 3, 2013, LucasArts‘ parent company The Walt Disney Company decided to shut down the studio to reorganize the company as a licensing model, firing several employees and cancelling many of its projects, including The Force Unleashed III.[4]

Via Wookiepedia

So what do you all think of this rumour? Is this a game you enjoyed yourself or that you’d be excited to see should it release? Let me know in the comments, friends!

Stay safe out there, be kind and I’ll catch you in the comments or in my next post!

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