Star Wars Fan Fiction – What Say You?

I’m really posting this because I am curious to see how many of my readers are avid fan fiction readers? I am talking just Star Wars this time around because this is a star wars blog. But if you are interested in star wars fan fiction or would be keen to read fan fiction on this blog, please let me know in the comments! I didn’t use a poll this time because my luck with using polls on this blog hasn’t been so great 😦

Obviously, if the majority of people don’t want to read it, I definitely won’t post it – I like to keep my readers happy and I’m really just curious at this stage.

I haven’t personally done the star wars fanfic thing at all – I’ve written one very small part of a fanfic I started several years ago and stopped and I have never revisited it.

I know there are specific forums and websites for fanfic but I’ve never used them. If people are interested in fanfic I was thinking of posting some of the better ones here or at least recommending them to readers.

Being a writer first and foremost, you’d think that I would indulge in writing fanfic in a big way like a lot of star wars fans do. But I’ve just never been inspired enough to do that. I guess I’m okay with the films and books and comics to not want to go beyond that as a fan. Each to their own but I am genuinely interested in the topic and I am happy to feature authors on this blog. So if you know of any particularly good fanfics do drop me a line as well – my comments are always open!

Anywho, please do let me know in the comments what you think and I’ll catch you there or in tomorrow’s post!

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11 thoughts on “Star Wars Fan Fiction – What Say You?

  1. Hello Julie, I think I managed to write around 60 pages of my life story (the story of For Tyeth that is) but I never got round to finishing it as whilst I was composing my story another author published his book and some scenes were very similar to my scenario so I stopped writing. However, I do have a link you may be interested, the Ultrasabers’ Forum Fan art and fiction page. On this site (owned by one of the big custom saber manufacturers) has a section full of fan art topics and some fabulous Fan-Fiction written by the members, But the real cool thing is the stories have been interlinked so members’ stories reference each other and are almost as complex and richly woven as official canon! So if you and your readers would like to check it out the link is:
    Ultrasabers forum (aka as Fan Art/Fiction

    Hope you find some interesting reads and you don’t need to be a member to read but you might fall down the wormhole!

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      1. Hi there, I was considering posting it, a long time ago but then I discovered the similarities to some scenes in Timothy Zahn’s novels and I thought “Oh Frell! It’ll look like I copied him” but I’d been writing it over 2-3 years. I’m not the most prolific writer – however there are a few pages of mine on the site too.
        Regards members’ stories I can highly recommend the stories by Karmack, Lord_S_Gray, Lady Revan and Taegin Roan.

        p.s. you may also like fellow member PsychoSith’s Saber Art Doodles and the 3d concept designs by HesaHeart too.

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      2. Thank you FT 🙂 I am already on the site looking through it lol 🙂 Got an idea for my next article for the Old Republic which was inspired by a quote I saw on these forums 🙂 I anticipate I’ll be going back and forth to these forums for some time 😀 If I do decide to use any of the content there, I will contact the authors directly before I post it 🙂 Some people may not want their work posted anywhere else which is totally understandable but thanks again 🙂

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      3. You’re welcome and the members I mentioned are really good about their work and I’m sure if you can contact them they’d be happy to help (Though with the current state of the world they may not always be able to respond immediately ok!) .
        I have done some photo editing and art for some of the stories too.

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  2. I’ve never been much for fanfic. I think it’s great that fans write Star Wars stories of their own, but I’m more into the official stuff. If I were ever to write my own fanfiction, it would be just for me, probably, and not posted on any forums. My own private Star Wars universe, lol.

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    1. Really? Do you want to share any of it lol I am looking for sources so that I can have the content ready – I am happy to blog the work of author’s on my blog 🙂 It’s just something I am thinking of doing and so far I have had a great response 🙂

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