With Gratitude and Thanks ğŸ˜Š

As I’ve posted lately, I’ve been having a difficult time with some things. But this post is to thank everyone that left me messages of encouragement and kind words. And to anyone that thought about what I had to say about my feelings which I don’t often open up about online.

I have some wonderful, warm, and kind people following me on my various blogs and I’d just like to stop and take a minute to say “Kia Ora Koutou” which is Maori (the native language of my country) for “Thank you to everyone”.

And I came across this which kind of speaks to me about a lot of things that I’ve been told lately by my friends and family:

It’s true. I know it’s true because I do this. Great advice for anyone feeling doubt.

Anyway, have a great day all – keep safe out there and I’ll be back to my regular posting schedule soon 😊

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