The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 5 – SPOILER RECAP

As the title suggests, this post will NOT be spoiler-free so please do not read if you are not up-to-date with Season Two of The Mandalorian.

HOLY wowow WOWZER what an EPISODE! Can it get any better than this? DAVE FILONI – he hit this episode out of the park!!!

Ahsoka Freakin’ Tano!

There was no way this episode wasn’t going to be epic. Everyone was anticipating “The Jedi” knowing that it meant Ahsoka Tano was going to show and gosh, ROSARIO DAWSON was nothing short of amazing as Ahsoka Tano – and all those naysayers saying she wasn’t going to be any good … GOODBYE!

The Magistrate Morgan Elsbeth is the daughter of a famous Martial Artist!

I loved how they integrated this entire chapter so that Din Djarin and Ahsoka Tano were united in their fight against the oppression of Magistrate Morgan Elsbeth. Who may not be known to many people as an actress but her namesake is very famous in the martial arts world. Her father is Dan Inosanto who was good friends with Bruce Lee!

The Mandalorian versus. The Jedi

Their short-lived rivalry was nothing short of amazing right? But I am so glad they joined forces πŸ™‚

“I Sense Much Fear in You, Grogu”

THE CHILD finally gets a name! We also got pretty close to seeing Din Djarin say goodbye to Grogu but thank goodness, that didn’t happen. And I totally understand why Ahsoka Tano didn’t want to train him. I think she senses the dark side in little Grogu or at least the beginnings of it which she knows all too well losing her master and friend to the Dark Side.


Everyone – this is so huge! The fact that Ahsoka Tano mentions Thrawn at all could mean that there may be a spin-off of her journey to find Ezra after he left with Thrawn at the end of Rebels! Or they could integrate it into The Mandalorian’s story perhaps. But just the anticipation of seeing Thrawn for the very first time in a cinematic – TV medium is SO awesome! If it happens, it’ll BE EPIC. There are rumours (very subtle rumours) that Benedict Cumberbatch would be the choice to play Thrawn!

To Tython We Go!

And they’re going to TYTHON which is also such a big event! Tython being the planet where the Jedi Order was created. If you’ve played SWTOR you will know all of these things as you can play as Jedi and start on the planet Tython πŸ™‚ Tython was a planet very strong in the Force where such things as Force Storms would erupt whenever the light side or dark side would clash. This episode is nothing short of EPIC for the continuing storyline of this amazing show! I cannot wait for the remaining episodes πŸ™‚

Let me know what you thought in the comments and as always, stay safe out there my friends!

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3 thoughts on “The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 5 – SPOILER RECAP

  1. Loved everything about this episode! I hope we see more of Ahsoka, either in this season or the next. Wondering if they’ll tie in the search for Thrawn and Ezra into this show, or a spin-off. Either way, it’s a mystery that must be answered!

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    1. This is definitely one of my favourite episodes for sure πŸ™‚ And I loved seeing Ahsoka Tano, I was so excited lol and equally as excited to see what happens with her story and Grogu’s when they get to Tython – it’s going to be so awesome πŸ™‚

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