The Poster You’ve Been Waiting for and Some Important Star Wars News!

I saw this and almost jumped for joy out of my seat 😃

Part of me wants to start chanting “Boba Fett!” lol but I don’t think my neighbours would be too happy about that 🤣🤣

And also the important Star Wars News that you should probably be aware of at least is that Disney will be making some announcements on Thursday (PST) (so Friday for anyone in the South Pacific) regarding their current and/or future projects. And this MIGHT include their plans for cinematic content as well as TV Shows. So if you’re just like me and can’t get enough Star Wars into your day – be there or be SQUARE 🤣

VIA Star Wars Holocron on Twitter

Stay safe everyone, maybe mark that date down in your calendar to remember to look online on Thursday! Imagine if they announce new movies for Lucasfilm and Disney!!!!


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