The Force by George Lucas

As I am home today slowly recovering from an awful migraine that kept me up most of the night, I figured I’d spend time going through social media. I am what you call a social media lurker – I very rarely say anything on social media but I always READ what everyone else is saying. This is a very powerful thing because when you’re not caught up in your own ego, you can learn a lot online from the things people say. Although that can also be a trap because most people are full of BS to be honest. This is where you have to make up your own mind on what you decide to keep and what you decide to discard.

This is how I feel about Star Wars. Everyone has a lot to say about it but only very few people truly understand it. Knowing a lot about Star Wars doesn’t mean anything if you don’t appreciate where it all started and it all started with George. To say that I admire George Lucas for what he created would be a serious understatement. But when it comes to Star Wars, there really is no other higher authority for me. And sure, Star Wars has grown a lot since he handed it over to Disney. But I still feel the truest essence of what Star Wars is belongs to him.

So when he talks about the Star Wars universe, I listen. So I found this and decided to post about it because it’s awesome and probably the best way anyone could explain what the force actually is:

Via Tumblr

Through The Empire Strikes Back, Luke is learning to be a Jedi, but it’s not something that you just pick in 10 minutes. The whole idea is it’s very hard to learn to be a Jedi.

A lot of people get confused about the Force. They see it as some special thing that you can find and pick up and put it on your head and suddenly you have the Force. Whereas it’s always been designed so that every [living] being has the Force.

The amount of Force, which is like talent or intelligence, is different in every person. Some of it is inherited, but it’s no more than a talent. It’s not something you can acquire – it’s something you can learn to use. I have the power to lift that cup off the table using the Force, but I can’t do it unless I have been trained to do it.

– George Lucas on “The Force”

What do you think about this? Do you agree or disagree with George? Do you think George’s understanding is outdated and not modern enough now to apply?

Let me know what you think my friends, ANY opinion is welcome and I always try to reply 🙂

Stay safe out there and I’ll catch you in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “The Force by George Lucas

  1. Firstly, I hope you’re feeling better. Secondly, concerning the Force–it seems like the more I learn about Star Wars, the more fuzzy the Force becomes. What is the basic nature of the Force? What is the Living Force versus the Cosmic Force? What does it mean to be in balance? Light and Dark both balanced, or all Light? What about the Chosen One? Did he bring balance? If so, how? Who can wield the Force? Anyone with training? Or only those who have midi-chlorians? Sigh.

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    1. It’s true which is why I like to use George Lucas as a benchmark. I mean yeah things have expanded but I mean it was his baby, I think he would have a much better idea on how something he created worked ya know?

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