Trust me on this, I am using CAPS because it IS THAT HUGE… and I AM SO HAPPY TO SAY that the person I thought was going to be in The Mandalorian IS IN THE MANDALORIAN!!!! Okay to be fair, I had two choices LOL so it’s one of them which isn’t really a spoiler.

I just got major shade on IG because some people haven’t seen it yet so I had to delete my post due to spoilers. But here’s the thing… IF YOU DON’T WANT to be spoiled, why are you on social media? You know someone is going to spoil it and not everyone is gracious – I get so annoyed with people who yell at you for “spoiling” their show but it’s like IT’S SUCH A HUGE DEAL why are you not watching it as soon as it comes out like almost every other Star Wars fan on the planet?

I just don’t have the time for people who scream spoilers and blame you for spoiling the end of the show. EVERYONE knew this was going to be a big reveal like EVERYONE – it was on social media all week long. If you spend any amount of time online using social media, you will know that BIG reveals are never kept a secret especially in the Star Wars universe.

Anyway I will give it 8 hours because I am a gracious person but when that time is up, I am going to be posting everywhere about it (by then everyone else would have spoiled it anyway lol)

Catch you soon friends – and please try and watch THE MANDALORIAN AS SOON AS YOU CAN you will be SO EXCITED when you do it was truly AMAzINNNNNNGGGG honestly I HAD TO DO everything I could not to dance around I was that HAPPY 🙂


  1. You really are a gracious person not to talk about it for a bit longer–as far as I’m concerned, people need to take responsibility and STAY AWAY FROM SOCIAL MEDIA until they’ve seen it. I don’t feel sorry for them, the crybabies. I’m so mean, lol. Anyway, I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!!!!! I’m so nerding out right now. I really didn’t think it would happen, but it did. As soon as I saw that particular ship, I thought, Could it be??? Very happy fan right now.

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    1. Honestly last night when I watched it, I was shaking with excitement lol I couldn’t believe it, I WAS jumping up and down and my partner was like “oh my god, I cannot believe they just did that HOLY SH*T” lol we were so excited about it we stayed up just so we could watch it again and then I had to try and force myself to sleep after seeing that – it was almost impossible. I had to go off social media and I was just so happy and so excited lol THIS IS AMAZAZZZZZZING

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