Let’s Talk About the Mandalorian Spin-Offs and that Last Episode Reveal


I’m still reeling from the last episode of The Mandalorian for season two as I imagine many fans are. We had TWO huge reveals during that episode including seeing Jedi Master Luke Skywalker again after last seeing him as a force ghost in The Rise of Skywalker. And if you watched right up until the credits of the final episode of the Mandalorian, you would have seen the other huge reveal that Boba Fett will now have his own spin-off show which debuts in December 2021 called “The Book of Boba Fett”.

So let’s think about this for a second. After the sequel trilogy, my understanding was that Star Wars would be ushering in a completely new saga with new characters and would officially move on from the Skywalker Saga completely. Yet, here we see Luke Skywalker very much alive and well in The Mandalorian. While it totally makes sense why they used Luke given the timeline of The Mandalorian, it also doesn’t make sense considering almost the entire fan base thought that Disney was done with the Skywalkers.

Looks like “someone” might be doing some serious “back-tracking” here but don’t worry, we are totally reopening our hearts and our arms to it, regardless of what Disney said they were planning to do after the Sequel Trilogy. ALL STAR WARS IS GOOD STAR WARS – am I right?

PLUS IT’S LUKE FREAKIN’ SKYWALKER… so yeah, there’s that.

Also, if you were wondering who it was that played the young Luke Skywalker above, it was this guy:

There’s always going to be an unhappy percentage of the fan base that will never be satisfied. That’s just the nature of fandoms. As long as Disney are focused on the fans as much as they are on making their millions, I am okay with that. Anyone that’s complaining needs to take a chill pill and give themselves a break. After the year we’ve all had, and some a lot worse than others, can’t we just let things be and be happy about it? Who needs to stress over a fictional character with worse crap going on outside your window? Let them do whatever they want because Disney bringing back Luke Skywalker is a pretty BIG sign that they’re trying to make things work for everyone, the fans included.

So let them.

As for Boba Fett – SO over the moon about this! I mean I was giddy from the Luke Skywalker thing but then they go and throw this out there too and I am just wow… honestly, the happiest I’ve been about this fandom for a long time. Hayden is back as Vader, Luke Skywalker is back IN HIS PRIME I might add and the way we ALWAYS pictured him, and Boba Fett not only returns but gets his own spin-off TV series!

We are in a great place right now as a fandom. I say let’s lap it all up and just be happy about it. If you still wanna complain, social media will always be there. But for now, just chill my compadre’s and don’t worry, it’ll be all good 😁😎

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4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About the Mandalorian Spin-Offs and that Last Episode Reveal

  1. No disagreements from me! I wish people would just take joy from Star Wars the way we’re meant to, instead of letting it make them miserable, lol. Stop calling yourself a fan, then. Anyway, with all the spin-offs coming our way I’m a little dizzy and wondering when I’ll possibly have the time to watch them all, but it’s not like they’re all coming out at once, lol. The Boba Fett one should be interesting, but still not at the top of my list. I’ll tune in, though, I’m sure!

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    1. Exactly. Now the Ben Solo
      stans are hating on Luke Skywalker because he returned and people are saying “retconned” the sequels LOL I don’t think I’ve seen anything that ridiculous in a while… some people need to watch and read more I feel… how does he retcon the sequels exactly when the sequels were years in the future from his time as Jedi Master for the New Jedi Order… I don’t get it

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