Star Wars Edits Galore!

I played around with an older edit of Luke Skywalker I made a year or so back and made an easy and quick little text animation for it:

Made by Darkside Creative

I also animated this concept art image of Kylo Ren by Phil Szostak:

Animated by Darkside Creative

And finally another animation I did of Luke Skywalker taken from the finale of The Mandalorian Season Two:

Animated by Darkside Creative

Luke Skywalker seems to be on my mind a fair bit lately so expect to see a lot of edits using him as the focus 🙂

Feel free to share anywhere you’d like (credit would be nice for the images I’ve made) 😁

I hope you are all doing well, keeping safe and healthy and looking forward to the new year ahead! Let me know what you’ve been up to so far during the holiday period!

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12 thoughts on “Star Wars Edits Galore!

    1. Oh no! Not exactly what I was expecting lol but hey, your house is going to be amazing afterward 🙂 We are doing the same although our place is very small but we do the same thing ever summer. I’ll email you with the post ideas later on today 🙂 Are you good to write it with me?

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  1. Hello Julie, actually….I think you’ll find you had me in mind when creating that final Mando Luke image…

    It appears you have “borrowed” my saber from my forum signature banner! And speaking of sabers, I spent my Christmas watching the Saga movies and spinning my new sabers to get the feel for them. Each hilt handles differently so I need to be comfortable using each one for when the world re-opens and I can attend Comic/Sci-Fi conventions again….I don’t want to cut off any attendees’ limbs by accident!

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    1. Heheh sorry to disappoint lol that’s the first time I’ve seen your banner 🙂 It’s nice though 😀 I am guessing you got new sabers for xmas? How many do you have by the way?

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      1. Hello Julie, no worries I was just kidding – Luke’s saber there looks to be a bit more unstable than mine! (Mind you I like that mist effect – I tried editing that onto my banner when I created it but editing the number of frames needed for a Gif put me off).
        And yes I got two great sabers recently – one for my birthday and a week later I got a second for Christmas. That brings my total to three now

        From left to right, a “Zeta” model hilt from a website called Padawan Outpost, middle: The Flyte from The Pach Store and on the right a Disciple (my first proper saber) from Saberforge.

        The two new new sabers are awesome with colour changing blades and multiple sets of sounds. You can see more of them in my post here:

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      2. If you want any animation done that you can’t do yourself, I could try my hand at it if you need 🙂 I can’t guarantee it will be perfect but I am happy to help 😀 Also, your lightsaber collection is amazing. Without knowing any better, they really do look like the real thing 🙂

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      3. Thanks, if I ever come up with an animation idea I can’t figure out I’ll contact you for sure. And thanks, glad you like my little collection. These custom lightsabers are improving all the time from when the best toys were basically a flashlight with a tube attached – nowadays there are specialist electronic circuit boards to recreate the sounds and light effects that get pretty close to making these new replicas almost “real”. The ones I own are in fact basic compared to some sabers. Just for fun do a Google search for “Michael Beyer Graflex” or “Neopixel Lightsaber” to see some really impreesive sabers.

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