How is 2021 Going So Far?

Hello everyone. I thought I’d do a “catch-up” post which isn’t about anything other than the community – which is you, dear reader. It is always so easy to get caught up in a blog post and the next thing you know you’re off on a tangent nobody can keep up with!

So I am going to try and dedicate some of my blogging time to these types of posts where I invite my readers to talk about their troubles or triumphs, woes or concerns (if you want, totally up to you) and everything else in-between.

One thing I learned last year was that reaching out was merely a blog post away. That’s it. So if you feel the need to vent, cry, shout, scream or do whatever you need to do, my blog comments section WILL always be open – always. My blog may not be large but the number is unimportant. I would rather have five bloggers who genuinely care than a blog of five million who don’t.

And that’s it so if you feel like you need to talk about something and you’re okay with that happening in a blog post comment, fire away!

I also wanted to say that I am extremely proud of this blog and its readers. My blog has come a long way since I first started it and it would be nothing without the lovely people that read it and comment.

It’s early days as far as 2021 goes but if you need I am only a blog comment away 😁

Catch you in tomorrow’s post or in the comments – stay safe and I’ll talk to you soon!

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13 replies on “How is 2021 Going So Far?”

I started off this year doing something I’m not sure I’ve done before other than when sick…. Sleep till 11am, lol!

Cobra Kai season 3 binging, and counting the days for DragonCon 2021.

Oh dear Neil! Sounds like you had a bit of a bummer start but things improved 🙂 Glad to hear you recovered 🙂 And yes, change scares me also. While everyone says change can be good, I think that depends entirely on your situation. Not all changes are made to disrupt but some will and do unfortunately. I think it’s how we cope with the change that’s important, not the nature of that change – do you agree?

Hi Julie. Day off today, but I spent NYE and NYD on 10 hour shifts. Have a two week break coming up later this month so am SUPER excited to rest soon and catch up on some creative projects here 🙂 🙂