Open-World Star Wars Game Coming From Lucasfilm Games and Ubisoft

This week was huge for gaming fans. Not only did Lucasfilm Games confirm their partnership with Bethesda (making an Indiana Jones game) but they will now be partnering with Ubisoft to make an untitled open-world game in the Star Wars universe. This is the first time since Lucasarts went into partnership with EA that a game has been developed outside of EA’s camp.

This will not spell the end of the partnership between EA and Lucasfilm Games, quite the contrary. They will remain in partnership with EA who currently develop their Battlefront and SWTOR games. It just means that Lucasfilm Games will branch out further into the Star Wars universe and beyond with other developers.

Via Logopedia

I personally welcome this. I will be so excited to see what they do with this new title they are developing – it’ll be years away, but if it’s anything like the abandoned 1313, it will be worth the wait. Fans are already starting to talk about the idea of this game being revisited by Lucasfilm Games, but that’s just rumour for now. Open-world means HUGE things for gamers like me, who just love open-world games. If it’s character-driven, even better.

The future seems very bright for Lucasfilm, and this fan is excited to see what they bring out to the multitude of gamers worldwide. Onward and upward, as they say!

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