State of the Game: SWTOR The Forgemaster’s Armour Set

I’ve been playing SWTOR off and on since it released and I’ve blogged about it at various times on this blog when I was going through “gaming” phases. I guess I’m back there again because I really miss blogging about SWTOR armour and the comparison posts I used to do so I’m going to try and do this more regularly. It won’t be a lot of SWTOR but I will sprinkle it into my blogging schedule monthly.

So I wanted to start with this armour set that I am currently wearing called The Forgemaster’s Armour Set:

Made by Darkside Creative

This armour set is based on this armour from The Mandalorian:

It has similarities for sure but overall I think this armour set in SWTOR is very much it’s own set without too much overlapping with The Amorer from The Mandalorian.

Here’s another pic of the back of the amour:

Parts of the amour glow a faint green colour which I really like!


Name: Forgemaster’s Armour Set

Rarity: Gold Armour

Where can it be bought/found? Set found in the Ultimate Cartel Pack on the Cartel Market or on the GTN

Cost in credits: I have sold this set for 300 million credits but it can go for anything between 400 – 150 million credits usually on my server.


I rate this set an 9.5/10 because it looks really nice, the organic colouring of the armour is also really nice and aesthetically, it looks amazing when you wear it.

Highly recommend buying it if you can get your hands on it!

Thanks for reading today’s State of the Game post and I’ll catch you in the comments or in my next post!

Stay safe out there and keep playing and creating!

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