Star Wars Collector’s Corner – the Problem With Ben Solo’s Funko Pop!

There has been an awakening… the Ben Solo pop vinyl will arrive, and many fans will spend money to buy it! But seriously, there is a new funko releasing soon for Ben Solo which I know will be VERY popular (due to so many fans being devoted to Ben Solo after he died in TRoS).

Here’s the pop in question:

Now all of this looks great apart from one minor detail… do you know what that is dear readers? Are your powers of observation up to this straightforward task?

If you think about the story, there’s no way this can be the correct funko for Ben Solo. And I am amazed that this is the final version releasing to the public when it doesn’t make sense.

I’m talking about the huge scar over Ben’s eye of course! If you recall, Ben had already denounced the dark side after throwing his lightsaber into the ocean. And Rey had already healed his wounds which included healing the scar he had over his eye.

So this cannot be Ben Solo! Think people won’t care? Oh, they will, but they’ll probably just buy it anyway because of Ben.

I swore to myself that if they released one, I would buy it… but now I am not so sure I want to. I want it to be correct to the story and the film. Is that too much to ask? 😅

There’s always this person selling custom funko’s for 193 bucks! At least it’s the fully redeemed Ben and correct to the film and story!

Anyway, thanks for tuning in people. Stay safe out there, and I’ll catch you in tomorrow’s post!

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6 thoughts on “Star Wars Collector’s Corner – the Problem With Ben Solo’s Funko Pop!

      1. I know same lol I was just like “I am not buying that, it isn’t Ben!” LOL and my partner was like “you better buy one because if they make vault that funko it’ll be worth a LOT ” so I was like oh true lol

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