Star Wars Artist Showcase – Yvan Quinet

Since this website has always been a celebration of Star Wars and creativity, I am going to be making regular posts about Star Wars artists and their art and doing what I can to boost their profiles. I also need to boost my own profile on Pinterest by linking back to this art so it’s a win-win situation!

Now on with the show – discovered this brilliant artist via a completely different medium and when I saw that he was also a Star Wars fan, well, it was natural that I’d want to share hist art with the world!

ARTIST: Yvan Quinet


POST LINK: Instagram

Via Instagram

“The power of the dark side”.

POST LINK: Instagram

Via Instagram

You can reach out to the artist via the links above and the artist sells their art via IG and on their website.

What do you think? Amazing, am I right?

If you like my Star Wars art posts, you can check out more of these amazing artists right here.

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Thanks for your support!

4 thoughts on “Star Wars Artist Showcase – Yvan Quinet

    1. Yeah I am going to be doing it a lot more regularly mostly because well, my blog celebrates art as well as Star Wars and it just seems like a natural thing to do. But I’ve been prompted to do it now due to changes with Pinterest mostly 🙂

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