Life on the Darkside – Personal Post…

Okay so this is one of the new “story” posts you can do now on WordPress. It’s basically like Instagram Stories 🙂 I think it’s going to be awesome for what I want to do going forward. I came up with an idea for new content not sure if I’ll go ahead with it yet, but WordPress stories might be perfect for it.

Have any of you used them yet? Let me know what you think in the comments. This is my first one 🙂

ALSO update on my internet connection – the tech said he wasn’t able to fix it but when I said I worked from home and couldn’t do my job without it, he was like “Okay I will make sure you get connected tonight” and about two hours later, he fixed it!

How awesome is that? I was feeling a little anxious about it (quite a lot of anxiousness really) because I wasn’t sure what would happen with my work as I rely on the internet to do it. But it’s all good now, I am back!

Let me know if you’re going to be using WordPress Stories?

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10 thoughts on “Life on the Darkside – Personal Post…

      1. No, I don’t use Instagram or Snapchat. I probably should, lol. I just can’t get into them. But maybe this WordPress Stories will be something interesting. Thanks, I’ll read your post!

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      2. Ah okay well with a “story” post you can create like a sort of slideshow of images or whatever you want that plays in succession. So there is a play button and it will play through all your images in the story 🙂

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      3. Yeah, you should check out some instagram stories if you want an idea of what you can do with them because it’s pretty much the exact same thing (assuming they don’t change it that is lol)

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  1. Just got the official release of WordPress Stories and I think it’s cool, if a little flawed. I hope they keep improving Stories to make it feature-rich and force everyone to standardize on letting users share Stories across social networks!

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    1. Hi there, thanks for dropping by 🙂 And yes, I think it could work but I doubt it will have exactly the same impact as stories do on IG. I see it as a nice addition to WordPress and I like that they are enabling creators to use more tools like this one to express themselves online 🙂


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