Star Wars Cinematic Universe – The Last Jedi Bomb Grafitti

I am not too sure if anyone who follows me has seen this already, but it was all over my Twitter feed today, and I really wanted to blog about it.

I am not a huge Easter egg fan as I don’t go out of my way to find them or reveal them or anything like that, but I did like this one because it’s actually pretty neat.

Here’s the image via Twitter


And the image itself, pay attention to the circled bomb with Arabesh written on it:

The translation reads “Han Says Hi :)” 🤣

And Rian Johnson approved (the Tweet was liked by him so we can only assume he was happy that someone was pointing it out).

Is this considered an “Easter Egg” though? I’m calling it that, but it’s definitely interesting trivia either way. Still, if you felt that The Last Jedi let you down as a fan, I’m sure this little tidbit will at least put a smile on your face!

Thanks for reading, let’s catch up in the comments or in tomorrow’s post!

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10 thoughts on “Star Wars Cinematic Universe – The Last Jedi Bomb Grafitti

  1. Hi Julie, this could be classed as an “Easter Egg” I guess. Whether it was meant as a cryptic message to hint that we may see Han again I don’t know, but back here on earth there is precedence for such messages written on bombs. During World War 2, Allied bomber crews were well known for painting messages onto bombs so just in case they didn’t explode on impact then there was a sarcastic/propaganda message for the Axis forces to see/read.
    Finally both Rian and JJ are well known for “Easter Eggs” – you might remember seeing the Batmobile attached to the Millennium Falcon ? If not you can see it in this C|net article:

    And JJ inserted a few Easter Egg references to the Beastie Boys in the form of pilot name “Ello Asty” which translates to “Hello Nasty” a 1998 BBoys album….and BB-8 apparently stands for “Beastie Boys Forever”.

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    1. Hey there FT. Yeah I have heard of a few of those but I really liked this one – I think we’ll call it an Easter Egg lol 😀 I didn’t know that they used to do that in WWII but it doesn’t surprise me in the least 🙂

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      1. Hi Julie, yes they scribed messages on the bombs and some were not as amusing as others – but a quick Google Image search for “World War 2 bomb messages” will bring up a few pics of the ones that could be published. My uncle served in the RAF and I got to see some archive photos of some of the other examples.

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  2. The Last Jedi reference book has the bomb in question prominently displayed on page 22. It doesn’t explain what it says but notes that some bombs have handwritten messages and pictures. I’m a little surprised people just picked up on this but I guess it makes sense if you didn’t have the reference book and were never looking for the phrase on any of the bombs (when I knew what I was looking for it became very easy to find).

    What I can’t find is the bomb that says “Hi Snoke” or the one that looks like a Chain Chomp from Mario. The bomb with a smiley is easy to find, though, since it is next to “Han Says Hi”

    All that said, I like the idea of the bombs having messages and images, especially considering the WW2 feel of the bombers. It was a nice touch, and adds to how much I enjoy the opening sequence of the film (as I laid out in my piece about Paige).

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    1. Hi ya 🙂 Yes, I love this also. I am not a huge fan of easter eggs so I don’t purposefully go looking for them like some fans do, but some of them are absolutely golden like this one 🙂 I also didn’t know about the significance of sending messages like this to the enemy and that it originated in WW2 but that doesn’t at all surprise me 🙂

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      1. I’m not really a fan of easter eggs as well. I tend to think that they are overdone and, at times, people call something an easter egg that isn’t really an easter egg. Like, if something is SUPER obvious and not hidden at all then it isn’t an easter egg, right? I recall when Rogue One came out that people were calling the Juggernaut (which Jyn is rescued from early in the film) an easter egg. But that didn’t make sense because it was 1) not hidden and 2) just an example of the Empire using leftover tech from the Clone Wars.

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      2. Haha you’re so right, I think some fans get caught up in the whole easter egg thing and don’t realy understand why it’s called an easter egg lol. I do like trivia and researching the meaning behind things though, particularly in Star Wars 🙂 I guess that’s why I buy a lot of trivia books lol I love finding out facts that aren’t as well-known

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