If Darth Vader Had Lived in RoTJ and Joined Luke

Not sure if all of my readers have seen this yet but it’s pretty amazing. Artist Andrew Morgan posted this on his ArtStation account and it quickly spread to Reddit and everywhere else. The artist created two images of what Anakin would look like if he had lived and turned his back on the dark side:

Via ArtStation

And the second image complete with information about how his new look and suit would function:

Via ArtStation

I particularly love this bit:

Rebuilt Lightsaber

In returning to the light, Vader found it necessary to construct a new lightsaber that would both signify his new place among the Jedi, while also acknowledging his dark past. He now wields the purple saber as a reminder of his betrayal of Mace Windu and to never forget the moment that first signified his fall from the light.

Via Artstation

I love the brown Jedi robes intertwined with the Vader suit – he is the perfect symbiosis of Vader and Anakin Skywalker.

Let me know what you think of these images in the comments friends. Stay safe out there and I’ll catch you tomorrow!

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14 thoughts on “If Darth Vader Had Lived in RoTJ and Joined Luke

    1. At first I didn’t like something about it and I couldn’t figure it out. Then I saw the second image with the text added and somehow I liked it a lot more. I guess when you read how the suit has changed and made it easier for Vader (Anakin) to use it, it seems more like a lightside thing. I dunno, it’s weird lol

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      1. Oh thank you, I was able to magnify and read the text there. Very cool, and the idea of a Vader that doesn’t make those eerie breathing noises is strange, lol. Not the iconic Vader we’re used to, but I guess that’s the point.

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      2. No worries 🙂 I actually like it but at first I was like hmmm not so sure about the Jedi Robes integrated with his Vader suit but the artist added all that information to it and I kinda liked it a lot more 🙂

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  1. Hi Julie, interesting concept art and an unusual lightsaber design. I don’t know what is going on with it as it seems that the blade has been flattened and there seems to be an appendage that looks like a pocket clip for a pen near his thumb (looks like some kind of hook or knuckle guard).
    I pondered what Vader would do and how he would look too, had he been redeemed and lived after ROTJ and this was the saber I envisioned he’d have…(I hope the link works)

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      1. Hi there, I saw an image on a YouTube video thumbnail of “Darth Vader’s most powerful suit” and he was wearing much more colourful robes but also had a gold lightsaber hanging from his belt. I couldn’t see it clearly so I had built Vader’s regular hilt (I call the Destined One) so I modded it to be gold to see how it looked. It also has a Palpatine/Emperor vibe with Phrik and Electrum being a gold colour. However I gave the hilt a classic blue blade to anchor the saber to Anakin’s true origin.

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