Star Wars Fandom OTP’s – What Is Your Favourite Pairing in the Fandom?

I got the idea to write about this from Tina because we were talking about the types of pairings in the fandoms we don’t like or just don’t support. This kind of ties into the wider topic of fandom fanfics which I still need to do on this blog. I will get to that side of things eventually – I have faith lol but for now, lets talk pairings.

For anyone that isn’t aware of what OTP means it stands for “One True Pairing” and is kind of the ultimate pairing you support in any given fandom. In Star Wars here are some examples of OTPs that fans have supported over the years and/or still do:


This one is kinda obvious which is why it makes the list. Thousands upon thousands of fans all over the world support this pairing in the SWCU and rightly so, they made it canon 😅

Art by _arieldraws on IG


This hopefully, doesn’t need explanation and it’s SUPER big on Tumblr so yeah, if you want to see more, that is where you should go 😬

Art by orntlld on Tumblr


Finn and Poe together as a couple wasn’t only a fan thing. Oscar Isaac apparently approached Disney about the possibility of these two having a relationship and Disney was like “uh no”. What does that say about Disney? Food for thought my friends, food for thought. Here’s a snippet of an interview where Oscar talks about asking Disney to make Stormpilot a thing:

There are others but the ones I’ve mentioned above are the biggest in the fandom so far. Let me know if you have any others that should have made it on this list or any other fandom pairings you enjoy or support?

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13 replies on “Star Wars Fandom OTP’s – What Is Your Favourite Pairing in the Fandom?”

I like that too and for the longest time that is exactly how I felt about Rey and Kylo Ren – why does their fighting have to be sexual tension lol and why does it have to end in romance for their stories to be told. I would have been equally as happy with the films if they weren’t romantically linked and something really tragic happened to one of both of them. I guess Hollywood just isn’t ready for anything that dark even when the original writers were heading that way, they were ousted by KK 🙁

🤣 I am reading a book about Star Wars called The World According to Star Wars and the author basically says in the first chapter that Star Wars was meant to be openly interpreted by everyone lol so you can pretty much read into anything you like as that is how George wanted it to be… makes sense so I guess that pairing is aye okay lol

It’s true. And that is why artists who make a living off selling their art on the internet will always be on the backfoot. Things are getting better though. Google is doing something with the search engine so that if you create a piece of art and you watermark it, it will come up in Google searches as belonging to the artist or photographer or whoever the creator is so you can’t steal other people’s art. Not sure when that is going live but it is happening, I remember reading about it 🙂