Star Wars Trivia – Did You Know #9 Follow-Up

I posted this yesterday (when I finally posted the right thing it was the wrong post and yeah, very sorry about that readers!) and I’ve had some feedback already on Pinterest which I wanted to mention here.

Star Wars Trivia #3

I haven’t done any research on this yet but someone on Pinterest told me this about Darth Vader’s name:

It could also be a play on “invader” because the same trick of adding “in” to the front also turns sidious into insidious

Via Pinterest

I’m not sure I understand this exactly so could someone please explain what this means to me? Is this even a thing or have you heard of this or read of this anywhere in Star Wars trivia?

If you know what this means, please do let me know as I’d prefer to hear it from my readers rather than have to go scope it out on the internet 😁

Catch you in the comments hopefully and stay safe out there my friends!

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2 thoughts on “Star Wars Trivia – Did You Know #9 Follow-Up

  1. I think it just means it’s a play on words. When you ad “in” to Sidious, you get insidious (and Palpatine is quite insidious), so when you add “in” to Vader you get invader (and I suppose he can be seen as an invader in some way). Not sure that’s what Lucas intended, but it’s a neat thing to point out.

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