Star Wars Fandom – Someone Built the Razor Crest!

Just a quick update today regarding our wonderful fandom and these crazy people who are blurring the line between reality and fiction with things like this:


Let me know what you think dear readers – is this something you could see yourself doing? I can tell you now I could never put together something as big and elaborate as this. It just goes to show how far some fans will actually go for the fandom they love.

Hit me up in the comments readers and let me know how you’re all getting on!

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3 thoughts on “Star Wars Fandom – Someone Built the Razor Crest!

  1. Can you imagine how big the tube of glue was for this thing? That is seriously impressive. And also impressive are the creations by a guy on YouTube and Social Media called Colin Furze who has designed/built a working hoverbike….and a giant scale AT-ACT, as well as a full size TIE Silencer and Landspeeder, And if that isn’t cool enough how about an underground bunker that has a Stormtrooper stood on guard inside!
    The link to his channel is:

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