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Star Wars is Poetry – Star Wars: Fascinating Facts

Hi Star Wars friends! I hope you’ve settled into your short working week after the little holiday we all had. I have another update on my book. I thought I had already posted about this, but it turns out I haven’t yet, so I decided to update you all.

I finally decided to get the Star Wars: Fascinating Facts by Pablo Hidalgo. I’ve actually wanted this for some time. When I finally purchased it on Amazon, the order was cancelled about a week later for no reason. When I checked with Amazon, they couldn’t give me a straight answer. They hadn’t run out of stock, and it wasn’t because the book couldn’t be sold to NZ customers.

I scratched my head a little over that one for sure. So I just decided to order it again, lol. And low and behold, that worked, and I’m still wondering what went wrong the first time. The book should arrive on April 12th, so I am quite excited about it.

When I get the book I’ll probably do a review depending on my time constraints but I’d love to review it. Does anyone have this book? And if so, what do you think of it?

Let me know in the comments, friends!

Catch you tomorrow or in the comments!

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4 replies on “Star Wars is Poetry – Star Wars: Fascinating Facts”

Sounds like a cool book, and looking forward to all the fascinating facts you might blog about. I’ve had a few incidents with Amazon where I ordered something and it never showed up; I had to re-order it and wait some more, lol. But I don’t think anything ever got cancelled, that’s weird.

I don’t have an Amazon account but that hasn’t stopped me spending what few credits I have left! My fourth (yes fourth) Nerf blaster arrived today and considering it was a holiday weekend I got it delivered within 48 working hours! (And it was free p&p)
Anyhoo hopefully Pablo will have remembered to include me in this book now that I am canon (sorta….I had a conversation with Admiral Ackbar and I fought in the Battle of Bal’Denmic)!