Star Wars Is Poetry – Skywalker: A Family at War

Hey there, people! I hope you are all ready for the weekend and/or are enjoying it already. So just a quick update on my new book. I haven’t had time to look at it yet, but I’ll be reviewing it once I get to sit down and absorb it. I know that this is a story that, for most people, has already been told, but I really wanted to see what this author had to say about the Skywalker saga.

If you’ve read this book already, do let me know what you think in the comments. I am interested in doing comparison posts for books that others have read. I think that would be a lot of fun!

Anywho, I’ll be blogging about this in the next week or so. If you’ve got any book recommendations, do let me know as I’m keen to look at getting more books.

Hit me up in the comments otherwise, I’ll catch you all in tomorrow’s post!

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2 thoughts on “Star Wars Is Poetry – Skywalker: A Family at War

  1. I’ve heard that there’s a “hint” that Qui Gon will be in the new Obi-Wan show in the book. When describing Obi-Wan’s communications with his master’s Force ghost, it says he finally achieved this ten years after he went to Tatooine. That’s suspiciously specific, lol. Since the show takes place ten years after Obi-Wan began his Tatooine vigil, it seems logical we may see him (or hear him). I hope it’s true!

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    1. I hadn’t read that but that’s awesome ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess I’ll have to skim read it and see lolol but yeah, if we get to see anyone from the skywalker saga in the Obi-Wan series, I am going to flip out lol in a good way of course ๐Ÿ˜€

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