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Ahsoka Tano Series on Disney Plus – Series Outline by Disney

Hi Star Wars friends! I hope your week is going well. Mine has been a bit of up and down as I’ve had migraine and tension headaches off and on this week and had to take some time out from my computer.

But I feel much better now and ready to deliver the daily Star Wars post from yours truly!

So this is what I am getting excited about this week:

Wow, am I right? This show will be amazing since it looks like part of it will be focusing on Ahsoka’s journey after her final appearance with Sabine. At least, I think that’s what this series is going to be about. So they’re saying “many years ago”. I haven’t checked the timeline because I am a little lazy today 🤣 , but how many years are we talking about here? I guess that’s one reason why Rosario Dawson is portraying the older Ahsoka.

What do you think, star wars friends? Has this plot reveal moved the Ahsoka series up in your list of shows to look out for? It certainly has made me a lot more curious as to how this story is going to unfold. There’s no denying that Thrawn will be involved. But what if Ezra has turned to the dark side? OMG, I didn’t even think of that?

AND WHO WILL BE PORTRAYING THRAWN?? AHHHH its too much excitement 🤣

You can check out my post on Thrawn candidates right here.

Until tomorrow fans, hit me up in the comments if you have something to say about this awesome news!


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3 replies on “Ahsoka Tano Series on Disney Plus – Series Outline by Disney”

I’m glad they’ve confirmed that she’s looking for Ezra. That was my big question, though I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t go that way. Geez, I hope Ezra hasn’t turned! I feel like maybe early on in Rebels he had the potential, but by the end he’d found his way as a Jedi. I could be wrong, though, lol.