The New Look Darkside Creative and Star Wars Creative on Tumblr

Hi everyone! Well, I am still home recovering from food poisoning I got on Sunday night, so I have a heap of spare time on my hands for writing and updating things.

I decided quite out of the blue that I wanted to change my blog aesthetic, so I made some updates to the front page yesterday. I am going VERY dark (true to the name of my blog, I guess), and I actually really like it.

I have a new banner that I made, and I changed all of the fonts and colour scheme, so it is very dark now (it might put some people off, but I like it).

The image was taken by Julie.

The banner looks kind of faded, but it’s much brighter when you’re on the blog than it looks in the image above. I got into the updating “bug” thanks to Tumblr changing my Tumblr theme without consulting me (I didn’t even know they could do that). But when I went onto my Tumblr the other day, I got a message saying that my theme had been removed due to “a strange code string” or something like that. I am guessing it’s a safety precaution on Tumblr’s behalf. I mean, I can’t think of any other reason why they’d have to force a theme update on someone unless it was required. It just gave me a bit of a shock to see my entire theme had changed…

They updated it to the default Tumblr theme, which I don’t like, so I updated it to something much better, and it turns out my new theme is way better than the one I had previously, so it all worked out!

Now it looks like this:

Julie’s Tumblr Blog

Everyone needs a change now and then, and aesthetics are pretty important if you want people to like what they see, and I definitely want that for my content!

Anywho, I am all caught up on The Bad Batch, and if anyone wants an excellent rundown on the season so far, Tina’s write-up of the first two episodes are awesome – you should check it out! Give her a follow if you aren’t already following her because she is one of my very best Star Wars friends on WordPress, and I think you’ll love her content.

Catch you in my next post, but I should be back to regular life again tomorrow 😦

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Thanks for your support!


5 thoughts on “The New Look Darkside Creative and Star Wars Creative on Tumblr

  1. Thanks for the shoutout, Julie! And I like the look of your blog. I think one of my eventual goals is to change the look of my blog, as well, but I’m not tech-savvy enough to do it right now, lol. I just have a basic wordpress theme, but one of these days I’ll upgrade and see what I can do. Glad you’re feeling better.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. No worries 🙂 It’s pretty easy to upgrade your header image and colours you can do it all from inside WordPress. If you need a hand with it I can help 🙂 And thanks, yeah, I feel better than I did yesterday at least 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

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