Pick Me Up Friday’s – Positive Thinking☺️😊

Hey there, everyone! It’s another Friday in Aotearoa, which means it’s time to think about positivity and its role in our lives. That sounded a little too serious, but I’ve got a nice little quote today taken straight from the positive affirmations I read daily:

Not sure what to believe in? Believe in yourself. You have the power to design your thoughts, design your happiness, and design your life.


This is the website that I found by doing a search online for positive affirmations. I really like this website because apart from having a free service (they have paid services, but I haven’t subscribed as yet), they deliver daily affirmations. You can also check out different parts of their website for goal setting and mainly just staying on track in your life with positivity guiding your way. And I like the idea of that.

I am one of the most sceptical people you’ll meet (believe it or not, lol). I question everything; sometimes, I go overboard and overthink things. I get this trait from my Dad as he was the same. My curiosity has led me to be untrustworthy of many things by default, so I am not the typical type of person that would get behind a website like this. But I do. And I am happy I let my guard down and allowed myself to grow positively.

And I have to say since I have started taking affirmations seriously, I have noticed that a lot of positive things have happened to me just by believing in myself a lot more instead of doubting myself.

Maybe this is what people mean when you invite positivity in and in turn, give positivity back to whomever you can. You will be rewarded. I know it sounds silly, which is exactly why I have never followed “positivity gurus’ or believed in that stuff. I have started with the most simplistic thing, and I have seen real, tangible results just by reading positive affirmations to myself.

And if I can do it, anyone can. If you’re doubtful and think it’s silly and won’t work, what have you got to lose by trying? Prove yourself wrong (or right) and if it’s not for you, simply walk away.

But you need to be open to positive things happening, which means going outside of yourself. I know that sounds stupid, but I’ve seen nothing but good things coming into my life so far. Imagine if all it took was to believe in something other than negativity or “bad things always happening to you”. What if you just switched that around and thought of only “positive things happening to you?”

Something to think about, am I right?

Until next time my friends, stay safe and creative and I’ll catch you in the next post!

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18 thoughts on “Pick Me Up Friday’s – Positive Thinking☺️😊

      1. That’s the thing, they’re not cheap! I miss my old comic book store in the UK because they had end of line clearances and you could pick them up really cheap. In France there is not a great choice of them in the local toy/comic book shops, and buying second hand online is always a postage cost addition. Still, nice when one comes up at a decent price 🙂

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      2. Yeah, I should probably spend more time looking at cost but I am so impulsive lol I’d rather pay for it early than risk it going out of stock or getting vaulted and missing out all together lol I have had that happen a few times with items I really wanted and I felt miserable afterwards lol

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      3. Yes, that’s the risk lol, and it’s no fun. When the first BS6inch figure came out – Luke X-Wing Pilot – I snapped it up super pronto (coz I just love Luke X-Wing 😎 ) and then saw it skyrocket second hand. They’ve since released other versions of it, but that original N°1 is always the best 🙂 Did you get any of the MOC versions, on the original themed cards? I have two, they’re pretty cool, but stopped well short of going for that special First-12 display set they produced (even though it was v cool). How about vehicles or animals? I don’t have any. (yet, erm, maybe not going down that road, but then…)


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