Adobe Photoshop Tutorial – Envato Tuts+ How to Make a Tatooine Retro Poster

Hi everyone! So today’s Adobe tutorial is one that I actually completed some time ago but I’ve been too busy to post the review. I have finally got some time so I am going to post this tutorial review because I really enjoyed making this Star Wars retro poster!

So this is what you should make by the end of the tutorial:

The walk-through text is available from the website right here. I chose to use a combination of both the text walk-through and the video clip to complete my version of the poster. There are some interesting steps to create this poster some of which I didn’t use because I didn’t like the way it made the poster look or I felt it wasn’t needed and didn’t really add anything to the final image.

The point of following tutorials like this is to a) teach yourself something new and/or b) to stretch your abilities as a photoshop creator. Sometimes that means making your own rules and changing some things up or missing out certain steps in the tutorial. No matter what happens at the end, it always seems so much better when you use your own initiative as you create something. That is how I approach these tutorials when I do them so I thought I’d pass that onto anyone reading this or interested in learning Photoshop.

If you want to follow along step by step, here is the link to the video tutorial:

YouTube Envato Tuts

Final Summary:

Website: The link to the tutorial is here

No PSD offered or required

Tutor: Abbey Esparza

Time: I reckon for complete beginners, this will take around 30 minutes, but for anyone else intermediate level and above, you could do it in 20 or less!

Level: Beginner

Assets included: All assets required to make this graphic are linked to by the tutor; however, you will need access to the Envato website to use these particular assets.

Rating: 7/10 I felt that Abbey was easy enough to follow along with in the video clip and the text instruction was relatively clear and easy to follow. End result was great but there are a lot of assets most people won’t be able to use unless they own a subscription to Envato Tuts/Envato.

Here’s my final watermarked image:

Made by Darkside Creative

I also loved this image so much that I animated it as well (because that’s what I do!)

Made by Darkside Creative

Catch you in my next post, friends – stay safe out there and keep creating!

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