Star Wars Fandom – How About a Rancor For Your Lounge?

Hello there everyone! I hope you are keeping safe out there and you’ve had a productive week thus far! So I saw this thing on Reddit and I didn’t bother looking into it until now. But this is pretty amazing right? Can you imagine this on your mantelpiece? 😮 Does this look like something someone would actually collect?

I managed to find the original thread on Reddit where they talk about this Rancor mount and then someone further down in the thread advised everyone that it is a PHOTOSHOPPED image showing the Rancor head as a piece of mounted taxidermy in someone’s living room.

Well, that’s DAMN ingenious I say and they really had me fooled for a good long minute lol 😅😂

But alas, yes, it’s fake and unless someone can point me in the direction of the real thing (which doesn’t exist and probably never will), I am sticking to my Reddit sources on this one.

But still, doesn’t it look amazing? I am pretty sure if this was real, there’d be quite a few hardcore Star Wars collectors that would buy this… maybe Rancho Obi-Wan?

Anywho, let me know what you’ve all been up to this past week and we’ll chinwag about that AND Star Wars 😁 See you in my next post!

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9 thoughts on “Star Wars Fandom – How About a Rancor For Your Lounge?

  1. I’ll say it must have been pretty impressive how fast the Rancor was running before he hit the other side of the wall!🤣 The shadowing is a little too dark and hard edged…if they had feathered the shadow layer (or used a fading drop shadow) it might have not looked so faked (but not a bad attempt though).

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    1. Lol I didn’t even look at that mind you, I was in a rush when I saw it and was like “right click save” lol. But yeah when I take a better look I can see things that aren’t right, and the biggest blunder is the hard edge between the rancor and the wall like you said, it’s so obvious now that I look properly lol but still. I commend the person that put this together because it certainly fooled me 😛

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      1. In my early days with tech I did a lot of photo restorations and learnt a lot of editing tricks. I found that on a textured surface such as the brick wall, that it’s better to use a soft edged shadow due to all the recesses between bricks and the ridges on their faces.

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