Personal Update – When Fiction Can’t Even Save You ðŸ˜¨ðŸ˜“

Sometimes you get those days or weeks when nothing can help you feel any better. For me, that’s the beginning of a depressive state. That is what I am in right now. I feel like there are too many things to deal with at once. It all started last Friday – my partner was involved in a car accident. Nobody was hurt, but it has impacted our life a lot more than anticipated. Even though we are homebodies and don’t go out a lot, we miss having the car a great deal. Waiting for all the insurance crap to sort itself out is painstakingly slow, even with my partner being proactive about it. Our car could get written off entirely, and then we will have to look at a huge unplanned expense to buy a new car.

Yesterday, our team was basically told that management is restructuring again. For those of you who know me for a while, you’ll know that this happened once before several years ago. Well, they’re doing it again.

So now I have two huge things on my mind, and I feel numb like I don’t want to do anything.

I put together a list of all my options today, and I have a few. I also think this is a huge SIGN telling me that this time, I should get out and concentrate on the career I want, which is to go back to freelancing. That was the plan, and I thought I had more time, but it looks like I don’t.

Anyway, enough of the ranting. I haven’t felt like blogging for a few days, which is why I haven’t, I guess. I don’t feel like writing at all, and coming from me, that’s huge. I hate sounding like a downer because I am normally a pretty happy person. But even happy people get down about life and situations outside of their control. I can control how I respond to these changes, and that will be my next focus when I feel better, which I hope is soon.

I’ll keep you all posted, and I hope you are all having a good week!

Talk soon.

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12 thoughts on “Personal Update – When Fiction Can’t Even Save You ðŸ˜¨ðŸ˜“

  1. Hey there Julie and Mr Darkside (sorry I don’t know your name) glad to hear the accident wasn’t any more serious than it was, cars can be replaced – life and health are a bit more difficult. In other words glad your safe. Don’t feel bad about how you feel, this is a big shock at any time let alone in these crazy times. Just remember that these “darker” days make the brighter ones more valuable. There are people out there that are there for you. (You know how to contact me if you need an ear to vent in or let steam off at ok, can’t promise I’ll have answers but you never know!)

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    1. Thanks for the support FT 🙂 Things can always be worse, this is what I try to focus on and I should be thankful for what I have because it’s a lot more than some. But every now and then things get you down, that is how I feel currently, which isn’t like me at all. I have already taken a sick day since our meeting on Wednesday and I don’t feel like returning to work today either 😦


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