Personal Update – Downward Progression 😬😮

So I wanted to do a post today to update everyone and to say that I’m still kicking and getting over the hurdles one by one. Although not all of it is good news. The problem at work just got a whole lot worse after our manager advised us he is leaving for another team! You can imagine how we all felt after that one. It’s not that we’re judging him for leaving at a time when we need management support the most. I get it. Sinking ship, act like a rat and run! But it sends a clear message no matter how you look at it.

I am sorry about the star wars content taking a back seat for a bit. It’s just that I don’t want to be a hypocrite and talk about Star Wars when I don’t feel like it. I can’t fake happy. Plus, getting a chance to write all of this misery down actually helps.

Anyway, thanks for supporting me, my friends and readers! As I said in an earlier update, as soon as things get a little more stable, I’ll get back to my regular routine.

Thanks for the support to those that asked about me. I really appreciate it. Catch you soon, or in the comments; my inbox is always open 😊

Talk soon.

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13 thoughts on “Personal Update – Downward Progression 😬😮

  1. Don’t worry, take whatever time you need to get your own circumstances sorted. Star Wars “Buzz” is non existent at the moment it seems as nobody is posting on the forums I frequent and no-one is super excited about anything (except maybe my friend Frankie who is eager to see the new Kenobi show – she has a thing for him!” I’m sure we’ll be here when you have more great posts to read.

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    1. Thanks FT 🙂 That means a lot 🙂 Yeah I am definitely taking time out to just recoup and slowly do what I can. Sometimes life just goes that way and you just have to do the best you can 🙂

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      1. Glad to hear you are prioritising! But to cheer you up a bit, I need to have words with you…as a result of your recent post I may or may not have spent $46 NZD on a new purchase! Can you guess what I bought? 🤔

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      2. You got the Qui Gon Jinn!!!! Hahaha that’s awesome. I have another little tale to tell about that too. I got an email from one of the sellers I buy from here in NZ and they were like “we are so sorry but we’re completely out of stock of that figure and there is a worldwide shortage so our supplier can’t supply it either”. And I was so sad. But then I remembered the Qui Gon Jinn figure I bought recently not realising it was the same figure except better because it was in the 50th Anniversary packaging LOL

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      3. Oh I do hope the “worldwide shortage” doesn’t affect my purchase, though the site did say “In Stock” soo…fingers crossed! But then you could have sent me your spare figure surely? Just kidding…two Qui-Gons, one either end of your bookshelf will look awesome – even if one is still box fresh packaged!
        I’ll let you know if/when mine arrives.

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  2. Take time to mend and relax, Julie. The good thing about blogs is they are here as sounding boards and to help lift our burdens, as well as inspiring creativity… but always good to take a break when life gets too hectic.
    Best, Ford.

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    1. Hey there Ford! Will do 🙂 I am actually taking things one day at a time which is a little difficult for me lol I am impatient and worry too much so I’m sitting back and taking it easy so I don’t end up having more anxiety attacks and depression. Thanks for your well wishes!

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