Darth Malgus Motion Art – SWTOR

Hi everyone! So I am slowly easing back into regular posts again, and since I haven’t done an art-related post in a really long while, I thought I’d make some motion art for Pinterest and for here (of course!)

Here’s one I did of Darth Malgus taken from the new SWTOR background, which I just loved! Here’s the original image, and I just loved Darth Malgus’ pose here, so I decided to “borrow” it for an image I wanted to make:

Take out that (awesome) noisy background and replace it with this!

Annnnnd add Darth Malgus back in, and yay! 😁

Don’t ask me why he’s on a planet that looks a lot like Mustafar. I just liked it lol.

And here’s the finished image with animation added (because it looks terrific, I think!)

Made by Darkside Creative

What do you reckon? I enjoyed making it, and hopefully, I’ll continue on this burst of creativity! Who knows what I might make next 😅😁

Let me know what you’ve been up to this week! Anything exciting? Feel free to catch up with me in the comments!

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