FUNNY FRIDAY – Star Wars Memes

Hi all! I hope you have all been well the last few weeks, and if you haven’t, then this post is for you!

Friday’s is usually “Pick Me Up Friday’s” on this blog, but I’ve decided to share Friday’s with “Funny Friday” to help spread some positivity and laughs around on my blog.

So a new blog series was born. After checking my notifications, I came to this idea when I saw that someone had liked a previous post of mine about Star Wars Misquotes. And I got the funny idea from @Tina when she told me about the “Rouge One” meme 😂🤣 in that post (a nice way to use a previous post to create a new one!)

So without further ado, I give you the Rouge One Star Wars Meme:

Don’t we look pretty?

It’s pretty obvious what the message is in this meme, but it’s honestly a pet peeve of mine when I see people on social media or anywhere spelling ROGUE incorrectly as rouge. I mean, it’s not even a hard word to spell, and people still get it wrong, lol.

And I am not your typical meme fan either; I actually find a lot of memes just kinda lame, lol, but some, like this one, are absolutely necessary and funny at the same time (memes that convey an actual message and have meaning are way funnier to me than those that don’t).

And to end this post on a funny note, I give you this:
I can’t even caption this, lol

Thanks for reading, my friends, and I hope all is well with you! Do let me know how you’re getting on in the comments (as always), and stay safe out there, and I’ll catch you in the next post.

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