Star Wars Trivia – Canon Facts: Who Is Darth Tanis and Darth Phobos?

Hello Star Wars friends! I hope that your weekend (or close to the weekend) will be kicking off right now, and you should all be relaxing at home doing something creative or nothing at all! Unless of course, you work on the weekend and if so, my commiserations πŸ˜…

Getting right back into my favourite topic to write about – a galaxy far, far away, I’ve been rethinking my IG strategy, and I’ve come across some cool trivia posts along the way. So I am going to borrow this one from IG account @strictly_star_wars_ because their account is awesome.

So when I choose canon trivia to blog about, I focus on the lesser-known trivia because most fans will know the most common stuff.

Here’s the post I saw on IG:

Via @strictly_star_wars_ on Instagram

Out of all of those Sith lords, which ones did you NOT know about? I read the caption and was like, “who is Tanis? And also Phobos?” As far as Phobos is concerned, the only one I know about is in a video game I used to play a lot when I was a kid πŸ˜‚

I am guessing Tanis and Phobos aren’t that well known, at least not to me, so I went about finding pics and information to put to the names online:


So this is actually really interesting because this is a female Sith master who lived on Malachor!! Some references refer to her as a Sith Witch but not sure how accurate that is. She was important in sith lore because she was the first sith to create a kyber-powered superweapon. Pretty cool, right?

I went looking for an image of her, and it was tough to find one – the closest I could get was this one on a french website called Star Wars Fanon Fandom, and she is AMAZING! I WANT that outfit, please β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜…

Darth Tanis was said to have died during the Battle of Malachor after the Jedi raided the planet to stop Tanis from using her superweapon. She was killed using the weapon, which immediately turned anyone within its range to stone! As Tanis was living underground in a Sith temple when the Jedi attacked, there is now an underground graveyard full of stone statues of the warriors that died there (how creepy!) The event is now referred to as The Great Scourge of Malachor.

You might also recall in Star Wars Rebels that Kanan Jarrus, Ezra Bridger,Β Ahsoka Tano, Darth Maul, Darth Vader, and several Sith acolyte Inquisitors all looked for the hidden temple on Malachor. Ezra located the Sith Holocron embued with Tanis’ presence which was powerful enough to turn on the superweapon.

There is also a fascinating side note to The Great Scourge of Malachor that involves Darth Sidious and his then apprentice, Darth Maul, but I think I’ll leave that for another post.

r/StarWars - Just realized the voice coming from the sixth holocron in rebels is Ventress. Same actor or is it actually her?
You’re getting sleepy, Ezra … very, very sleepy

Source 1 and Source 2


Darth Phobos was, much to my surprise, a lot easier to research and find images for. She was a Theelin female sith born on the planet of Korriban thousands of years before The Clone Wars.

She has appeared in video games as a simulation which was used as part of the Jedi Trials. Starkiller himself faced down her simulation during these trials in The Force Unleashed.

She was a particularly nasty sith master who manipulated and controlled people with her mind. She was so ruthless that her own kind turned on her. Shortly afterwards, Darth Phobos created her own group of loyal cult followers. Her name “Phobos” is a play on the word “phobia”, meaning fear.

And thus endeth our Star Wars Trivia lesson 🧐😎 I hope you discovered something new and interesting in my post. Let me know if you have any questions – you know the drill!

Catch you in the comments, hopefully, and if not, I’ll catch you in the next post!

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