Did Dave Filoni Cause Yet Another Schism in the Star Wars Fandom?

I found out about this online fandom disagreement randomly while looking through my Twitter timeline. Apparently, Dave Filoni announced a few days ago (probably closer to a week now) that he thought Ahsoka is Luke’s “Senior” in The Mandalorian (I would say because she is older than Luke as well).

Here is a quote from Dave Filoni’s interview:

Technically she’s had vastly more training than he ever has. She’s actually his senior which is difficult for people to remember ‘cause of when these characters were created.”

Via GeekFeed

Let’s just say that I don’t agree nor disagree with what Dave Filoni is saying because I actually think there is a very high possibility that he is (partially) correct. Everyone knows that I am a HUGE Luke Skywalker fan, and I’m really not as impressed by Ahsoka Tano as a lot of others seem to be. That’s mostly because Ahsoka seems like part of the “more recent” group of characters stemming from Disney and Luke is old school George Lucas Original Trilogy. My benchmark will always be the original saga of films. Nothing will ever be better than this for me. But this is an interesting debate either way.

Listening to this Star Wars YouTube clip l I have to side with this dude, The Stupendous Wave, and his opinion. He goes into the debate quite well, takes everything into consideration, and analyses the argument objectively. So I listened to the whole thing.

He says that in terms of “power” alone, Luke is a few points ahead of Ahsoka because of his lineage and natural affinity with The Force. And I totally agree here. Being the son of the chosen one is a BIG deal. He is directly connected to one of the most (if not the most) powerful legacies in the Star Wars universe, and this cannot be denied. On the other hand, Ahsoka has covered a lot of groundwork in her training as a Jedi with masters of the force, including Luke’s father Anakin, Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and Grandmaster Yoda himself. Yes, Luke also trained with Yoda, but I think Ahsoka probably had more time with Yoda than Luke did. By the time we see Ahsoka in The Mandalorian, she has become a powerful practitioner of the force and masterful with her lightsabers.

If it came down to a fight between these two (which I highly doubt would happen), I actually think it would be extremely close. But that’s as far as I’d like to wager.

So what do you think about this new piece of fandom controversy? Agree or disagree or on the fence? Let me know in the comments, friends!

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2 thoughts on “Did Dave Filoni Cause Yet Another Schism in the Star Wars Fandom?

  1. Hi Julie, I think it would be close, maybe even a tie – just. I say this as Ahsoka did have a little bit more of a structured teaching in the Force being at the Jedi Temple with Yoda, Kenobi and Anakin around her but she also left the order for a long while around the same age that Luke was when he met Kenobi and started his “training”. Ahsoka wasn’t trained by Kenobi or Yoda directly just advised now and then.
    Luke started late and crammed his learning into the short time with Old Ben and Yoda but he did have the potentially stronger connection and lineage to the Force (although another disputable topic is whether the Force “running through your family” makes a person stronger than a “discovered” individual).
    So Luke had the Force and trained but lost his mentors by the time of his early-mid twenties and Ahsoka had a near formal training but with a troubled Anakin and then she left the order around her early -mid twenties…..so it really is too close to call.
    The only thing I do know relates to a quote made by a Professional Wrestling promoter/producer named Eric Bischoff who said, “Controversaries create cash” – so I guess all the debate somehow will generate some money somewhere in sales of new over old merch and stories.
    All that ^^ didn’t exactly help settle the argument did it? 🤣

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    1. I think receiving advice from someone more knowledgable than you constitutes learning 🙂 Also Ahsoka is older than Luke – do we even know how Togruta’s age compared to humans? I definitely didn’t factor that in but Dave Filoni said she is older than Luke I think so /shrug not sure on that one (but it’s quite important if you’re factoring in how much time they both spent training or leaning from others). But yeah, I think you could debate those details until the cows came home. I think they’d be pretty close with Luke just pipping Ahsoka at the post but that’s my personal opinion. I think that whatever Luke has in natural affinity with the force can never be learned. It’s just his biology. Ahsoka however was a dedicated and determined individual so it wouldn’t at all surprise me if she learned enough to get to the same level as Luke in the understanding of The Force and how to wield it 🙂


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