Welcome to All My New Readers and a Small Pinterest Celebration!

I feel like I need to start celebrating positive things that happen to me more because I really don’t do that at all. At least I’ll be happy inside if I achieve something, but I kind of keep it to myself, which I am being told I shouldn’t, and I should share any little positive step with others.

These two things are pretty small, but they represent things that I am passionate about. The growth of this website has at times been a struggle, but I am happy to say it is still growing! I hit 832 readers the other day, and I couldn’t be more satisfied! At the end of the day, it’s not really about the numbers, but about the happiness you bring to other people’s lives even if it is a small thing to do. And I am so happy that my website has its own small community of beautiful people that bring joy to my world every day! This blog would not be what it is without them.

Welcome GIF

So if you’ve just joined Darkside Creative’s community by following me, you can expect A LOT of Star Wars content (all sorts of content relating to Star Wars), some social media posts, along with art posts and photoshop posts sprinkled throughout as well. It is dedicated to being creative, but mostly it’s about Star Wars (a big deal in my life!)

Thank you for choosing my humble little blog πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜Šβ˜ΊοΈ

And lastly, I have a milestone on Pinterest that I need to share here because the majority of the growth from my Pinterest account has come from all the Star Wars content I post there, so it’s very much connected to this blog:

So it’s a little small, but that pic above was taken from the email I received from Pinterest congratulating me on 10,000 followers 😊☺️😁. I honestly never thought I would see my Pinterest account get that many followers because it was never a goal to achieve. I love following statistics and analytics, but that’s only really for my own interest. I don’t think what I do can seriously be considered as any type of marketing strategy. I simply post about what I love, and I love Star Wars! And from that love, my Pinterest blog expanded 😊☺️😁

I have started to set myself some goals because I feel like I should, and if I can grow my accounts into places that bring people happiness, I should continue on that road. I’ve set myself a little Instagram goal of 10K followers as well, and I am well away from that at 8.9K. I am now using IG analytics, and it’s fascinating to see where all my activity comes from and who is supporting my content. I’ve used some of this information to form a posting schedule to target particular times of the day, so I can engage with my “people” more. I read about this from Neil Patel, who is a super good marketing guru! If you are interested in anything at all to do with marketing or using social media as a way to reach your audience, he is the person to go to.

Anyway, that’s it! Thanks for reading and I hope everyone is doing well at the start of the working week and keeping safe out there! If you have anything to share about social media or about goal setting or anything at all, feel free to hit me up in the comments – I always reply 😊☺️😁

If you like my Star Wars posts, you can check out more of them right here.

And while you’re there, why not consider following me on Twitter, Instagram and right here, on WordPress.

Thanks for your support!

4 thoughts on “Welcome to All My New Readers and a Small Pinterest Celebration!

    1. Well I guess it’s all relative. For ME it’s a lot of followers lol but when you look at how big these communities are, it’s barely a scratch πŸ™‚ I try to focus on the audience a lot, what I think they’d like with what I like creating. I think if you’re only serving the audience, it will no longer be fun for you. It has to be give and take. Same with blogging really – you have to do it for you as much as for everyone else otherwise why bother?


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