What Scene Do You Think Is the Most Iconic in Star Wars?

There are many scenes in the galaxy far, far away that we could consider iconic and even magical. And with such an expansive universe, it would be hard to choose just one. But that’s precisely what I’m going to make you all do, my Star Wars friends.

If you had to choose only ONE scene from the Star Wars cinematic universe (that includes the TV shows as well), which one would you choose out of all the unique content we’ve seen? Is it difficult to do? It should be as there are so many scenes that captured the hearts and minds of fans worldwide.


Is this the most iconic scene in Star Wars?

Take your time with this one, and reply when you’re ready. But for fun, I wondered if you could pick which Star Wars show or movie mine would come from?

Hit me up in the comments, my friends, and let’s begin our friendly discussion on the most iconic scene in Star Wars chosen by us πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ‘Œ

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9 thoughts on “What Scene Do You Think Is the Most Iconic in Star Wars?

  1. Hi Julie, now I will say I have two scenes that I class as iconic but I will explain. The first is the Empire Strikes Back “No, I am your father” scene as it was just a bombshell plot twist everyone touts…however there is….another….
    And that would be the scene in ROTJ where we see Luke savagely hacking at the stricken Vader’s hand and then he stops, realizing what is happening to him and gathers the strength to the fore to face up against the Emperor. There in that moment Luke became the Hero, no longer the farm-boy, no longer the Padawan trainer but the hope and hero for the galaxy. This act was also so strong it was the final push Anakin needed to shed his Vader persona and return to the lightside and protect his son.
    So I’ll go with the ROTJ “Luke becomes the Hero and Vader’s Redemption” scene.


    1. Hey FT! Yes, I love both of those scenes as well and they are definitely iconic in their own right. But for me it’s the moment on Tatooine when Luke is looking out at the binary sunset and Luke’s theme is playing in the background. It’s such a melancholy scene and I get all the feels just watching it every time. I mean it’s the purest most innocent scene of Luke before he went on his adventures into the galaxy and became a Jedi. It’s kind of his last moments (for me) as the farm boy Luke standing on the sand dune looking out at the binary sunset for the last time. As far as we know, he never returned right? So that is why to me it is a beautiful and sad moment in Luke’s life.


      1. OH yes of course, I forgot about that lol Jabba’s Palace. EWw lol I doubt he’d go back to his old homestead given what happened there 😦


      2. Hi Julie, sorry late responding but WP only just forwarded the notification of your comment. But Binary Sunset is a good call, but found at the opposite end of the Hero’s Journey.
        But it’s that John Williams score again.


      3. Yeah. I like it because I think it signifies the role that duality will play in Luke’s upcoming adventures and how the force will influence his life to come. So I see the two suns as a representation of that duality in the force and in Luke’s life from that point on πŸ™‚


  2. I’m guessing yours is a Luke scene from the original trilogy, Julie. Perhaps one of the scenes For Tyeth mentioned? I’d have to say mine is close to FT’s, when Luke throws his lightsaber away and says to the Emperor “I’m a Jedi, like my father before me.” Epic.


    1. And yes! You would be right πŸ˜€ Definitely from ANH – I answered FT in-depth about which scene it is but yeah all of those scenes are iconic in their own right, it’s hard to pick the best one, I think they’re all iconic and meaningful in their own ways to us, the audience and fans πŸ™‚


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